Group Presentation Proposal

DUE TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 14 at the beginning of class. Printed, stapled versions. NO LATE WORK ACCEPTED!

In this formal, academic piece of writing, you will collaborate with your group research presentation team to outline your end of semester oral/visual presentation.

Your proposal should be formatted according to MLA conventions, and should consist of the following components:
Your title should be unique and creative, and give the audience a clear idea about the focus of your presentation.
Collaboratively compose an overview/introduction to the presentation, making sure to identify the theme that ties your topics together, and specific connections between the topics. Identify common issues and historical background. Cite any material that is not considered common knowledge
Each Presenter's Abstract
Each presenter will outline his or her presentation. Cite any material that is not considered common knowledge
Presentation Design Plan
Describe your plans for your tri-fold and PowerPoint designs; you should identify specific symbols, colors and visual rhetoric you will employ to capture attention.
Works Cited list
Each proposal MUST include a Works Cited list (MLA) that includes all sources cited in the proposal. Sources should be alphabetized, and not categorized based on presenter.

Here is a Sample Panel Presentation Proposal

  • Note that the documentation method in this proposal is APA, not MLA