Food Blog!

Your blog is just that, YOURS. Use this medium to publish recipes, write reflections, or discuss current events related to food. You may post as often as you wish. Remember that visuals are an important part of this medium.

Required Elements:

  • Whenever possible and relevant, include hyper links for your readers. These are a must when writing "scholarly" type blog posts.
  • VISUALS should drive the blog
  • Make sure your blogs are publication ready. That means you'll need a peer editor to help you ensure there are NO surface errors.
  • Make sure you stay in the genre of the blog...use first person, and while you must always cite outside sources, and give credit to others for any material you use that's not original, you should avoid academic documentation.
  • You will also be required to comment on at least three of your classmate's blog entries. You should also respond to comments you receive on your blogs.

Required Posts (A minimum of 5 posts are required):

  • Post One:
    • Write a blog post on any topic of your choice, so long as it relates to our course theme. Many people choose to write a recipe blog for their first post.
  • Post Two:
    • Translate your rhetorical analysis paper into a blog posts. This means the content will remain the same, but your "voice" will change. You will also change the way you attribute sources (for example, use hyper-links instead of in-text citations, since in-text citations don't belong in this genre of writing.)
  • Post Three:
    • Choose an article from the research you conducted for WP 3 and write a blog entry on it.
    • Summarize the article
    • Create a thesis: what is your impression or opinion of this article. Take a stand.
    • Support your position.
    • Essentially, you are translating one of your Source Reviews into a blog post.
  • Post Four:
    • Create an argumentative blog based on your research for WP 3. You should use the Argumentative Guide and apply Aristotelian rhetoric in this post. This Your voice and your documentation style will change. You'll need to incorporate visuals. This post should help you outline and develop effective visual rhetoric for your part of the Group Research Presentation.
  • Post Five:
    • Blog on the connection between rhetoric and food. We've seen all kinds of examples this session. People are clearly passionate about food. How do they use written rhetoric to convey that passion? How have you used written rhetoric to convey the ideas you are most passionate about? Be creative. Take some time with this and "think big thoughts."
  • For responses to your peers' blog posts:
    • Point out strengths of the blogger's article.
    • Agree or disagree with the post. Support your position by pointing the reader to outside sources.

Here is sample blog post from a professional blogger:

How your blog will be evaluated:

  • Required elements (all required posts are included)
  • Content: Posts are thoughtful and on topic. All claims and assertions are well supported.
  • Usage: Posts are mostly free of grammar and usage errors. Readers are not distracted by grammar or usage errors.
  • Additional content: Blog includes other content that is interesting and relevant to the course theme.
  • Layout and Visuals: The layout is attractive and appropriate for the medium. Visuals are compelling and add to the posts.

See also, the FOOD BLOG RUBRIC needs to be revised

Here's some help from professional bloggers: