Description of Assignment: Blink B

With your Arduino as the controller build a lightweight light that flashes, pulses or something and makes some sound.  It is important that the timing be not just considered but be seen as a crucial part of your design. So whatever it is, it will need to hold the 9V Arduino battery case, and the Arduino and the LED's and the speaker. It is suggested that you build into some very lightweight plastic device or container. Or it could be built with pink foam using the Router Table. It could be a shampoo bottle with an interesting form or a large enough very lightweight child's toy.  It could be Tupperware®. It would perhaps be smart to get several identical objects. It can be translucent, or you could pierce it. Make it big enough to accommodate the Arduino, the Protoshield, Battery Packs, and LEDs and the speaker and you might decide to use it for the next assignment too.

Consider the personality of your light. Can you make it edgy, coy, nervous, assertive, scared? How should its appearance affect its timing? What color should the LED's be? This object should be a finished piece, even if simple, ready for display. I intend to display them in the hallway even if only for an afternoon.
 Due Class #8 (subject to change)


Subjects for Quiz 2: (this might be given in the middle of the next assignment the date will be determined)

  • E=I*R , volts = amps times ohms (Ω)
  • amps,
  • volts,
  • ohms , Ω.
  • If you know 2 of these you have to be able to find the third. You should know the analogy with water reasonably well.
  • Parallel vs Series resistors and the associated effects on amps and voltage
  • Serial.print() ,
  • Serial.println()

Email your Arduino code for this Blink Assignment to
 . Make sure your Arduino file is labeled BlinkBFirstnameLastName as in BlinkBLouisKatz. The code must have a header as in the first assignment.