Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Student will learn to calculate Watts.
Student will learn to use the TIP120 or a MOSFET like an electric switch, alternatives will be discussed (2n2222 and MOSFETs?)Ugly, and blank drilled circuit board construction.;
  • Student will learn to use "for" loops.

Student will learn to use digitalRead()

  • Student will learn the function of Pulldown and Pullup resistors and will learn to use INPUT_PULLUP
  • Student will understand scope of variables.


  • TIP 120, 2N222 and MOSFET comparison.
  • Layout of Protoshield using MOSFETS
  • Functions may be covered during this project instead of the next one.
  • "for" loops and scope

Pertinent Materials:

Project: Student will rework the previous project with more LEDs powering them with a second battery pack and using MOSFETS or TIP120's to control them. The intent, looking at the semester from before the beginning is that the protoshield will be soldered up and used to mount the Mosfets and associated parts.