Day 1

Syllabus Discussion Demo, Solder, Arduino, website Notebooks Safety

Arduino Order? Parts Order, Day 2 Soldering


  • programing
    • take apart driving home
    • take apart blinking
    • take apart the blink program
      • integer declaration
      • the ";"
      • comments // /* abcdef */
      • {} curlies
      • the structure
        • top declarations
        • Setup
        • Loop
      • pinMode
      • assignments "="
      • digitalWrite
      • delay
      • void- what does this mean? subroutines in general.


  • Get your Arduino Working and a place to work on it
  • learn to understand digitalWrite, delay.

Day 3 Safety with electricity refresher, details.

Resistors, LED's, Polarity Volts, Amps External Board and LED's Get 2 LED's to blink Get the to blink together and then change the code so they blink sequentially.

Assemble the motor shield. Solder practice. This video is suberb: Make it:

DC AC frequency Pulsed DC

Batteries Chemistry, Voltage, Amp hours Rechargables, Standard Lead Acid, Gell Cell, Deep Cycle, Alkaline, Heavy Duty NiMH? NiCad? Lithium Ion/Lithium Polymer, RC Supplies (safety)

Resistors (safety re careful of watt limits) Capacitors (safety) Inductors (safety)

AC to DC Power Supplies Transformers Diodes Bridge Rectifier filters ripple Linear vs Switching Wall Warts Old Computer Supplies

  • Using a multimeter
  • Safety
    • Shoes, ground, water
    • hand in pocket
    • test again if hot
    • 110V circuit tester
    • use of test leads to eliminate one hand.
  • DC motors
  • Stepper motors
  • brushes
  • AC motors
    • starter windings
    • capacitor start