FacilitY Intro Jose

  • Lockers
  • Building hours
    • leaving on time
  • Behavior expectations
  • Woodshop
    • Power Tool use approval
    • Hand tools
  • Loading Zone
  • Consideration of Custodial Staff
  • Computer lab CA201?, CCH231?
  • Noise during performances
  • Respect for each other's work


  • Telephones 911 and 4444
  • Campus phones in each room in CA. Red light.
  • Fire Alarms, clearing the building
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Personal Protection,
    • Eye and Face Protection,
    • Dust Protection, Respirators and dust (organic vapor cartridges)
    • Gloves, Shoes, Leather
    • Solvents, Solvent Cans, Spontaneous combustion. No spray materials in the building.
    • MSDS Sheets
    • Eyewash fountains
    • Showers
  • Work in pairs with power tools
  • Keep floor free of trip hazards
  • Change from contaminated clothes

Resources (Louis)

Library, Periodicals, Interlibrary loan, Dean of students, Counseling Center, TRIO Tutoring. Health Center.THE FACULTY and staff.