The ISense software allows you to upload images to your user at . You have to be logged in to use it. Although images can be pulled from the Ipad using other means they are cumbersome. You need a Cubify account to use the scanner.

  • Do not save your account information on the Ipad. If you do by accident or foolishness, go to Settings/Safari/Passwords click edit select the passwords and then delete. Cubify Login is apparently logged out if the Ipad is turned off. I do not guarantee this, or anything else for that matter. Backup Backup Backup.
  • Sans should be bigger than 8 inches smaller than 1 yard.

To Scan,

  1. Obtain a Account
  2. Be good with the boxes that the equipment comes in.
  3. Charge both the iPad and the ISense Scanner completely.
  4. Attache the ISense and carefully attach the cord.
  5. Press the iPad button.
  6. Enter the pass code.
  7. Place the object to be scanned in a location where you can move around it.
    • It should be a clutter free location easy to move around in.
    • Make sure it is well lit evenly on all sides.
    • It apparently will not work well in light too dim or outside if the background objects are blowing in the wind.
  8. Open the ISense application. You will have to swipe to the second screen of applications.
  9. Stand about 1.5 feet from your object point the camera at it t and press the "play button"

Move around the object to the right (follow the arrow) the screen will tell you when to stop and hold.
  10. When you have finished press the forward arrow. Follow the directions. Do not save your cubify account information to the Ipad.


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