Motor Build out All Together.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Student will learn to put it all together.
  • Student will learn to produce relatively clean code with functions where they are helpful. 

Lectures, demonstrations or possibly exercises time permitting

  • Ifrared Sensor and Remote Control.
  • LCD Board (possible)
  • Real Time Clock (possible)
  • Thermocouple Sensor (possible)
  • Storage in EPROM (possible)

Assignment: Motor Build out All Together

Make a piece of art. It must have a motor, a servo motor, LEDs, a proximity sensor and a speaker.  It can be flattish or volumish. Just like your light, how an object moves gives it personality, you can control in pulses, acceleration, deceleration. Use functions to control the motor, servo motor, LEDs, proximity sensor and speaker. Due class 27

  • Class 28 all devices in one space.
  • Class 29 Display in Hallway.
  • Final Exam Period, Clean up, evaluation, discussion, information distribution, archive, document.