This is where I keep lists of things I am going to order and have ordered, now it also contains a student order list.


Student purchase list for Spring semester 2017:

  1. $65
  2. Low Watt Soldering iron 15-30 Watt. Do not buy a big soldering "gun".
    • A Weller 25 watt is a great place to start.Homedepot usually has them #SP25NKUS as does Altex on McArdle?, careful about the wattage.
    • This Radio Shack Iron will work: Catalog #: 6402802
  3. Also available from Makershed an others.
  4. safety glasses.
  5. something to take and keep notes with.
  6. The big question is do you need a computer, the answer to this is probably yes, but the one in ceramics will work, I will have some old machines that will work for class work.


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