Helical end mill 1/8 inch Feed 30 stepdown .08 15 plunge on pink foam gummed up after long cuts.

Found this suggestion Home Depot: Foamular by Dow Corning --- .125" end mill at about 7500rpm, 75-85 IPM, 37 plunge, 90% stepover, 100% step down[29][30]

Here Terry jones says " https://discuss.inventables.com/t/milling-epp-foam/1478/3

"when you start carving with your new bit and you find the foam is building up like cotton candy, that means your revolutions of the bit is too fast and the foam is melting to the bit. If this happened the foam will be very hard to remove from the bit. I remove the bit from the collet and dip the bit in lacquer thinner and the hardened foam will melt off, not scraping. I have a 48x96 PRT and when cutting foam, I turn down the speed of the bit to about 8000 RPMs? and feed rate of 3IPS. "

also Milling Specs: 300W DC Spindle, 12K Spindle RPM, 1/4 2-Flute Router bit, 0.5" Depth of cut (full cut in one pass), 40 IPM Feed Rate.

Tests bit .125 all in inches, spindle set to 3. Tests conducted on 1" square with rounded corners blue foam.

  1. bit .125 pocket stepdown .05 feed 30 plunge 3 OK - profile stepdown .05 feed 30 plunge 30 OK no buildup on bit clean cuts.
  2. stepdown to .1 some melted foam on edge of cuts, tool is OK not as clean or as clean looking.
  3. step down to .3 funky melted stuff but not on tool.
  4. stepdown .4 slowed dremel to 2 then full speed still funky at 2 looks better at full speed. but stiill no good
  5. stepdown .05 speed 40 plunge 40 clean cut but some gooje on tool .
  6. stepdown .06 speed 50 plunge 50,, some melting on edges of profile
  7. .07 60 60 more melting
  8. .05 50 50 melting.
  9. original .05 30 30 fine

Next is to try with different spindle speeds. stepdown .08 30 30 worked but gummed twice in 3 hour job.

2 straight flute, used tool. stepdown .05 speed 40 plunge 40Very Clean sides on pocket.

.25 step 50speed 30 plunge pocket is good excellent.... .3, 60, 30