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Slip Hard enough to be cut like cheese
Slop Clay with enough water added to be paintable
Slake recycled clay that has been placed in water
Bisque what happens to dry clay placed in water
Bone dry the first firing
Leather hard dryer than leather hard

you are expected to read your email for this class.
Tables should be brushed off after use.

A black band means that everyone must always ask before using this glaze material.
Intermediate students can use any glaze in the studio
Ceramic materials pose no hazards through contact with the skin.
Once fired, all glazes are safe.
Clay from other studios may never be used in the TAMUCC facility.
Added lines 1-15:
Glazes marked "not recommended as a liner" may not be used on a teabowl, cup, or pinchpot.
Open kilns may be unloaded as soon as they are cool
clay dust is not hazardous
students must sweep up after themselves.
Visitors may visit the kiln area if they are adults.
Doors to the studio should be kept open for ventilation
Ware racks should be loaded from the lowest shelf first.

Children are allowed on the kick wheels only
Visitors may not use studio equipment without permission of the instructor.
campus police can be reached at what number?
Louis wants to be informed when you will be absent.

A notebook is needed for every class.
Covered shoes must be worn everytime you enter the room.