Changes needed for Dankwean to become a significant maker of ceramics.


  1. local craftspeople with hand skills (images of utulitarian objects.
    • Discussion of technical skill.
    • Breath and basic aesthethic skill. Discernment
    • Real quality (Zug Ethnologist from out east)

My theory that the highest quality pots drive the mediocrity upwards.

  1. influx of diversified skills, professors, artists and business people.
    • Ajahn Wirot (Architect), Pit(studied Ceramics in Japan), Business People (Nikhom), and

Artists, trained, untrained, local,. (Suwanee, Lee ornament stonecarvers) skills infrastructure access to markets

  1. passersby
  2. local tourist
  3. international tourist
  4. Thailand (Wholesale)
  5. international(wholesale)

Government support.

  • (roads above) electric water and phone infrastructure
  • help organizing trade fair attendance.

Changes in Skills:

  • Potters ability to throw.
  • Decorate
  • Breath
  • Innovate

Diversity in Business Models

  • Individuals within all markets
  • Small businesses, family run or not sized buy a piece of equipment (truck or kiln)
  • Large businesses able to fill containers
  • Big businesses able to hire small businesses and individuals to do piece work.

Opportunities International pottery tourism Glazes and fired surfaces High end US European and Japanese markets. Better Ceramic education in schools.

Fears, Concerns, Perhaps a failure to recognize and value design and execution of design skill.