Logging in

  • Nearly all questions are answered by following the instructions on the login page: https://moodle.tamucc.edu/~moodle/moodle/login/index.php.
  • In particular, students are not given an ID and password by any person. They start the process for their first log on by entering an email address rather than an ID and password.
  • If they are having difficulty following those instructions, have them send email to the email address on that screen. I may not respond right away, but it will be in plenty of time to get their moodling done.
  • The problems with logging in should be few and only with the start of the semester.

Saving and uploading

  • If the assignment is set up correctly, saving/uploading are the same as attaching a document to an email.
  • Clicking on the assignment in the calendar will bring up a screen that describes the assignment and provides the upload dialog.
  • After browsing to find the document, there is a button to upload.
  • IF the assignment is not set to accept uploads, there is nothing anyone can do but refer the students to their instructor.

Please e-mail George Tintera at george.tintera@tamucc.edu or call him at 825-6028 if you have any questions.

Adapted from George Tinera's e-mail to Sally Bickley