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'''Job Title:''' Manager, Academic Information Technology Services (AITS)

'''Department:''' Academic Information Services

'''Date:''' April 2006

'''Updated:''' February 2007


Manage the operations of the Academic Information Technology Services (AITS) office of Texas A&M University Corpus Christi with emphasis on supporting the requirements of the owners and users of the student information system.

'''B. DUTIES:'''

This is a managerial level position requiring a broad base of management and technical skills. This position provides planning and oversight of the activities and services provided by the office technical staff in support of its mission.

->'''1.''' Major Duty: Manage the AITS office and:

-->'''a.''' Supervise and recruit staff,

-->'''b.''' Manage office budget and expenditures,

-->'''c.''' Ensure adherence to university and departmental regulations, policies, and procedures,.

-->'''d.''' Strategically plan for the continuous and effective support of external and internal customers, and

-->'''e.''' Act as a liaison between the supported customers and other offices within computer services.

->'''2.''' Major Duty: Serves as the functional and technical Project Manager of the Banner student information system and LUMINIS web-Portal implementations, and

-->'''a.''' Work with the SCT Project Manager for system implementation,

-->'''b.''' Manage programmers, system administrators, and database administrators as they migrate SIS+ and SIS+ Utilities to Banner,

-->'''c.''' Manage functional team as they create validation and rules tables,

-->'''d.''' Coordinate functional & technical training of the Banner system,

-->'''e.''' Coordinate development of test and implementation plans,

-->'''f.''' Manage the teams in support of the implementation (Data Standards, Reporting, Interfaces, Security, System Administration & Database, Workflow),

-->'''g.''' Manage the implementation of the Luminis web-Portal,

-->'''h.''' Manage the implementation of the Luminis LDI interface to WebCT,

-->'''i.''' Manage the Banner/Luminis budget, and

-->'''j.''' Manage the acquisition and installation of 3rd Party software as defined by the project

->'''3.''' Major Duty: Manage academic application systems in support of external and internal customers, and

-->'''a.''' Manage 3rd Party (Talisma, Degree Navigator, etc) programmers, system administrators, and database administrators in support of their customers, and

-->'''b.''' Work closely with customers in the definition of enhancements to the 3rd Party systems.

->'''4.''' Occasional and subordinate Duty:

-->'''a.''' Assist programmers in providing reports and information needed by customers, and

-->'''b.''' Serve as Interim Director of Admissions & Records.


->'''1.''' Education required: degree, Preferred: degree with Discipline: Extensive experience, or training in Management Information Systems or Computer Science.

->'''2.''' Skills required:

-->'''a.''' Training and experience in broad areas of information management, and project management,

-->'''b.''' Training and experience in fiscal and personnel management,

-->'''c.''' Classroom teaching experience at any level (college level desirable), and

-->'''d.''' Broad knowledge of all Information Technology disciplines.


Responsible for and administrative authority for the planning, preparation, implementation, and expending of centralized University funds in the assigned management areas.


Serves as a senior project manager for major automated projects for Enrollment Management and other Academic offices, serves as a liaison between the customer and other offices within Computer Services, provides leadership in identifying and implementing new automated solutions for customer-base and campus community, and
manages programming, system administration and database staffs to ensure daily operations are effectively accomplished and plans for future requirements that will impact daily operations.


Administrative authority over the programmers and administrators assigned to the office to include managing requisitions, expenditures, travel, training, and hiring/firing (governed by and enforce rules, regulations, and laws relating to the operation of a State funded department, as well as policies of the university and department).


Interact with all members of the university community and other external and internal individuals as needed to support the customer and has:

->'''1.''' Daily contact with customers within the Enrollment Management department,

->'''2.''' Contact with university academic offices in support of the student information system and 3rd Party supported systems, and

->'''3.''' Contact with other university offices as required.