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If there is a problem accessing electronic resources...

Call Media (2311) and LIC (3406) to see if they are having the same problem.
Open a browser and verify the ability to connect to the following links.
If these do not work, there is a potential university network problem- contact Systems at 5528. Or try:
If these do not work, there is a potential problem with the internet connection to and from the university, contact Systems at 5528.
If the problem did not surface during steps a. or b., the problem could be limited to just a specific vendor or database.
The following is a general list of vendor web sites that can be used to see if the problem is with the vendor or internet connectivity outside of Texas. This is not a complete list of vendor home pages.
If these do not work there is a potential problem with the vendor server or a major internet outage, wait 15 minutes and try again if they do not work the second time contact the Periodicals Department.
If after hours or weekend send email to or .

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