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!! Camtasia

[[Attach:Creating Tutorials I.doc | Creating Camtasia Tutorials I]]

[[Attach:Creating Tutorials II.doc | Creating Camtasia Tutorials II]]
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!! Outreach

[[Attach:orientation brochure.doc | Orientation 2007 Brochure]] (Cindy has final, polished version.)

[[Attach:stat_dem.html | Statistics for Demographics]]

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!! Instruction Online Class Guide

[[Attach:huerta.html | Sample guide for a political science class]]
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[[Attach:stat_bus.html | Statistics for Business]]
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[[Attach:Texas Bills Laws Etc..doc | Where to Find Texas Bills and Laws]]
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!! Nursing

[[Attach:census_nursing.html | Census Nursing Info]] (for Karen's community nursing class)

[[Attach:censuscheatsheet.pdf | Census Nursing Cheat Sheet]]
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!! Government Information Cheats

[[Attach:Documents Grid.doc | U.S. Govdocs Cheat Sheet]]

[[ | U.S. Govdocs Super Cheat Sheet]] (not all sources listed are available here, but much is)

[[Attach:us.html | U.S. Govt]]

[[Attach:serial.html | U.S. Serial Set]] (House & Senate Reports/Documents)