If the user cannot get past the authentication screen

  1. Make sure they have a Portal account set up with the library and that there are no duplicate records for the patron. If there is a duplicate record or they are not set up in Portal at all, the Access Services Supervisor (x2340) in Circulation or Deanna is capable of fixing this.
  2. Confirm that the remote user is using the right name in the Name field of the authentication screen. Many times they might be typing in their first name first when the system has their last name listed first.Commas do matter, so if their name is Joe Garza, they would more than likely type in Garza, Joe. Some people have one or more middle names or last names with spaces in them (De La Garza). Be sure they are typing their name in EXACTLY as Portal shows it and including hyphens for their Student ID (SSN). The user can use the My Library Account feature under the Portal-Online Catalog link to see for themselves how their name is listed.
  3. Another common problem is that they have more than 25 characters in their name. If this is the case, get them in touch with Circulation (x2340), and have them shorten their name, or take out things such as middle names, initials, spaces, etc.

If neither step (1) or (2) work, then something is messed up with their account that either Deanna or someone in Circulation will have to take a look at.

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