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'''Job Title:''' Computer Operator II

'''Department:''' Administrative Computing Services

'''Date:''' April 2006

'''Updated:''' February 2007


Operates, monitors and controls a mainframe computer and related peripheral equipment using established procedures.

'''B. DUTIES:'''

Work involves monitoring console or terminal, storage devices and printers, reporting problems or variances, analyzing operating instructions to determine equipment settings and operating procedures, assisting in reconfiguring system components when individual units fail, and maintaining machine performance and
production records. Works under moderate supervision, with additional direction from lead operator and ADP Manager and extensive latitude for the use of initiative and independent judgment.

->'''1.''' Major Duties: Incumbent is responsible for planning for, coordination of, and management of, the media, telecommunications, and computer resources of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. In performance of this duty, the incumbent:

-->'''a.''' Operates mainframe computer to execute program, and observes operations to detect error or failure in progress of program,

-->'''b.''' Consults with supervisor about problems, such as equipment performance, output quality, and maintenance schedule,

-->'''c.''' Confers with programmers and operates computer to test new and modified programs,

-->'''d.''' Generates, assigns, maintains, monitors and resets accounts and passwords, and

-->'''e.''' Assists in classifying, cataloging, and maintaining tapes.

->'''2.''' Occasional and subordinate duties: The incumbent is required to perform various operational duties such as:

-->'''a.''' Notifies programming and maintenance personnel, if unable to locate and correct cause of processing error or failure,

-->'''b.''' Identifies requirements and enhancements for the security and maintenance of passwords,

-->'''c.''' Photograph and digitally edit departmental worker identification badges,

-->'''d.''' Maintain database for and program electronic locks for the department, and

-->'''e.''' Performs related duties as required.


->'''1.''' Education required: High School diploma supplemented by courses in computer equipment operation, and any equivalent combination of training and experience.

->'''2.''' Skills required:

-->'''a.''' Knowledge of the principles, practices, procedures and techniques of data processing and computer operating systems and equipment that includes Digital Alpha Server 2100 mainframe, Digital Print Server 32 and Digital LG12 Plus,

-->'''b.''' Ability to thrive without close supervison and exercise independent judgement and confidentiality in completing tasks,

-->'''c.''' Ability to effectively communicate technical data processing concepts to faculty, staff, students and vendors,

-->'''d.''' Ability to process business, scientific, engineering, or other data, logically and according to operating instructions,

-->'''e.''' Ability to recognize, analyze and resolve problems,

-->'''f.''' Ability to plan and coordinate work assignments,

-->'''g.''' Working knowledge of the current system applications, and

-->'''h.''' Knowledge of PC computer hardware, peripherals, and operatiuing systems including Windows and Unix.


The incumbent has administrative authority over three student workers who work within the department.


The incumbent is required to interact with members of the university community. Within the university, daily contact occurs with students, faculty, and staff