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'''Job Title:''' Computer Technician II (Macintosh Specialist)

'''Department:''' Technology Support Services

'''Date:''' February 2006

'''Updated:''' February 2007


Troubleshoots, maintains and repairs computer communication and/or microcomputer related hardware and software in a manner that assures timely and quality computer support to the academic and administrative departments of the university. Primary focus is on Apple computers and their related hardware and software.

'''B. DUTIES:'''

Performs and assists in skilled, technical work in the creation, design, construction, installation, testing, modification, maintenance, repair, documentation and support of electronic, computer and computer-related systems and equipment. Work includes performing routine and advanced maintenance and repair operations on electronic and mechanical computer equipment, and participating in the design of special purpose computer-related equipment. Routine and advanced software upkeep and repair is provided as needed on campus. Works under general supervision with moderate latitude, requiring initiative and independent judgment.

->'''1.''' Major Duties: Performs, assists in, and follows-up on routine and advanced troubleshooting, maintenance and repair operations, installations, configurations and data transfers on computer hardware, peripherals and associated software, data communication equipment, data terminals and electronic equipment. In performance of this duty, the incumbent:

-->'''a.''' Configures computers, diagnoses, and resolves connectivity issues within local and wide area networks,

-->'''b.''' Attends training, assists in researching, testing and disseminating operation instructions. Tracks developments and specifications in state-of-the-art technologies, computers, peripherals, and test equipment,

-->'''c.''' Tracks and assists in the coordination of equipment repair work order assignments and provides detailed work records, which outline the history of tests, performance problems and repairs for each piece of equipment, and

-->'''d.''' On call response for the office for in office or at home Apple troubleshooting and repair.

->'''2.''' Occasional and subordinate duties: The incumbent is required to perform various operational duties such as:

-->'''a.''' Provides consultative and technical services, in general, as a qualified sales representative,

-->'''b.''' Prepares requisitions and prepares inventory acquisitions of products and services,

-->'''c.''' Assists in training and coordinating tasks of student workers.

-->'''d.''' Creates training documents for and notifies Apple users about new programs and technologies, and

-->'''e.''' Provides educational quotes for faculty and staff departments as requested for new acquisitions.


->'''1.''' Education required: Two-year degree from an accredited college or technical school.

->'''2.''' Skills required:

-->'''a.''' Skill in the use of test tools and equipment for electronic, computer and computer related equipment,

-->'''b.''' Ability to analyze equipment and resolve problems,

-->'''c.''' Ability to understand and follow instructions of a technical nature,

-->'''d.''' Knowledge of servicing procedures and repair techniques for various electronic, computer, and computer related systems and equipment,

-->'''e.''' Ability to train and supervise,

-->'''f.''' Ability to thrive without close supervision,

-->'''g.''' Ability to exercise independent judgment and confidentiality in completing tasks,

-->'''h.''' Ability to communicate effectively and interact with faculty, staff, students, and vendors,

-->'''i.''' Extensive knowledge of computer hardware, peripherals, and operating systems, including Apple OS 9, Apple OS X, MS-DOS, Windows 95/98/2000/XP, and

-->'''j.''' Working knowledge of the current computer applications and networks, including Office 97/XP/2003/2004, Apple OS X bundled applications, Groupwise, Ethernet Networks, Novell Netware, and Windows 200X Server.




The most creative aspects of the job relate to duties such as researching and applying current trends in technology that will allow a more efficient and effective way in supporting the academic and administrative departments of the university.

General issues to be dealt with are the day-to-day tasks that ensure a minimal downtime in the repair and maintenance of computer systems and peripherals. This is accomplished through meeting the requirements of Apple Certification and keeping in stock a variety of out of warranty parts. In addition, software support requires a constant monitoring of trends, bugs, fixes and updates. Peripheral support is reliant on working knowledge of the mechanics of printers, scanners, fax machines and any other type of office equipment.


The incumbent is supervised by the Manager of Technology Support. The incumbent is governed by all rules, regulations, and laws relating to the operation of a State funded agency. Additionally, policies of the university and Computer Services govern and are enforced by the incumbent.


The incumbent is required to interact with all members of the university community and within the university daily contact occurs with faculty, staff, and students. Outside the university contact occurs with a wide variety of non-university personnel. Typical contacts include a variety of vendors, personnel from other state agencies and schools.