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Throughout the course, students will:

Partner with agencies, organizations, businesses, foundations, or other institutions to address critical community issues;

Participate in shared decision-making processes;

Analyze community issues from multiple perspectives;

Integrate service learning experiences with readings on leadership, community, civic engagement, societal trends, and service;

Develop leadership skills through the application of leadership theories in a community setting;

Engage in civic projects focused on the resolution of community needs;

Facilitate group processes that have the propensity to mobilize citizens toward meeting intended goals;

Seek to generate and allocate resources as a means of meeting specified community priorities and objectives;

Reflect critically on personal and professional development in the collaborative leadership arena.

Upon successful completion of the course, students should be able to demonstrate:

An understanding of the process through which one identifies community needs, analyzes stakeholder interests, builds alliances, and mobilizes community members to resolve issues and meet the needs of constituencies;

Practical applications of collaborative leadership and cooperative learning models and processes (constructivist leadership);

Service learning principles and civic engagement best practices.

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