If the call comes from an on campus source outside of the library...

If they are a faculty/Staff member of the university:

  • Verify if the database is connecting using your workstation
  • If it does not, ask if you can call them back and go to step 1.
  • If it does connect, ask the following questions:
    1. Is any one else in your department having the same problem?
    2. Has this site worked for you (the patron) before?
    3. Can you (the patron) access any other site?
      • If they cannot access any other site, then they aren't getting any internet connection at all and they need to contact Computer Services (x2692).
    4. If the answer to 1 is Yes or 3 is No and you can connect to the resource, then they need to contact Computer Services. The problem is probably their network connection. If you can connect and the answer to 1 is No and 3 is Yes, then Systems will need to do research regarding this problem.

If they are trying to connect to SciFinder, the Systems Department is responsible for installing the software on PALS faculty members workstation only.

If they are a non TAMU-CC employee but works on campus they must be listed in Portal (must bring SandDollar ID to Circulation desk to be placed in Portal) to access using remote access.

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