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Grading Scale

A = 540-600 points

B = 480-539 points

C = 420-479 points

D = 360-419 points

F = 300-359 points

Late assignments will only be accepted in the case of a true emergency (with advance notification and instructor approval).

Assignment #1 (100 points) Written literature review related to a chosen social or community issue (due 3/23/05).

Assignment #2 (150 points) Weekly reflections (10 points per reflection).

Assignment #3 (100 points) Grant, research, or collaboration proposal (due 4/20/05).

Assignment #4 (100 points) Community leadership credo (due 4/27/05)

Class Attendance and Participation (150 points) While it is understood that students have personal and professional responsibilities to fulfill during the term of this course, regular and punctual attendance is expected. Absences will result in a grade reduction of 10 points per absence. Students are expected to actively participate in class projects and discussions. There will be no make-up assignments.

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