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'''Job Title:''' Help Desk Manager

'''Department:''' Help Desk

'''Date:''' April 2006

'''Update:''' February 12, 2007


Direct, plan, coordinate, and manage all the daily and annual operations of the Faculty and Staff Help Desk, Training, and Technical writing sections of Media, Computer, & Telecommunications Services in such a manner that assures effective and efficient customer service and computer support to faculty and staff of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi (TAMUCC), consistent with university objectives.

'''B. DUTIES:'''

This is a management position requiring a broad base of management, customer service skills, problem solving, and technical skills. The preponderance of the duties are related to the coordination, planning, and implementation of policies and procedures regarding Help Desk support, how problems are identified, received, documented, distributed, and corrected to ensure maximum issue resolution in minimum time.

->'''1.''' Major Duties: Incumbent is responsible for planning, coordination, and management of the Help Desk Services of TAMUCC. In performance of this duty, the incumbent:

-->'''a.''' Directs, manages, and supervises the Help Desk, Training, and Technical writing sections of Media & Computer Services,

-->'''b.''' Coordinates and manages, indirectly, the work of other support personnel within Computer Services that includes Network Services, Technology Support Services, Administrative Computing, and Microcomputer Services,

-->'''c.''' Acts as a liaison between Faculty and Staff Help Desk, second level support, and the campus community,

-->'''d.''' Reviews, develops, and modifies customer service policies and procedures to improve customer service and support,

-->'''e.''' Implements policies and procedures on how problems are identified, received, documented, distributed, and corrected,

-->'''f.''' Performs, assists, and follows up on advanced and specialized Help Desk, systems support work, training, and troubleshooting,

-->'''g.''' Evaluates new information systems products or services and suggests changes to existing products or services to better aid the end user,

-->'''h.''' Provides and coordinates consultative, technical, and training services to faculty and staff on university-supported software, techniques, and related equipment and materials,

-->'''i.''' Installs, develops and/or acquires, maintains, utilizes, and assists in testing new and existing software, and related help documentation,

-->'''j.''' Develops, evaluates, modifies, and implements manuals, presentations, and related materials for faculty, staff, and students,

-->'''k.''' Reviews, updates, and maintains Help Desk Web page,

-->'''l.''' Assists in administering Help Desk budget,

-->'''m.''' Provides backup support for Help Desk server and database,

-->'''n.''' Ensures daily HEAT backups are accomplished,

-->'''o.''' Maintains knowledge base of problems and solutions,

-->'''p.''' Provides editorial review on documents and reports prepared by the Technical Writer, and

-->'''q.''' Performs related work as assigned.

->'''2.''' Occasional and subordinate duties: The incumbent is required to perform various operational duties such as:

-->'''a.''' Determines, implements, and enhances security controls over the database software and related documentation,

-->'''b.''' Tracks, analyzes, reports, and evaluates systems efficiency and utilization,

-->'''c.''' Prepares periodic reports

-->'''d.''' Researches and evaluates software,

-->'''e.''' Provides Help Desk coverage, and

-->'''f.''' Searches HEAT database to find equipment for inventory purposes.


->'''1.''' Required education: degree from an accredited institution in computer science, management information systems, or related field, and at least three years, but less than five years of related experience. Demonstrated experience may be considered in lieu of a degree.

->'''2.''' Skills required:

-->'''a.''' Demonstrated ability to work successfully in a customer service computing position or computer help desk,

-->'''b.''' Proven troubleshooting and problem-solving skills,

-->'''c.''' Extensive knowledge of the principles, practices, and techniques of computer operation, information systems, computer software and hardware, information security policies and procedures, Help Desk environment, local and wide area networks, database administration, and management of information systems,

-->'''d.''' Ability to communicate effectively technical concepts and materials to students, faculty, staff, and vendors,

-->'''e.''' Ability to train others,

-->'''f.''' Ability to install and configure software on Macintosh and IBM compatible models,

-->'''g.''' Ability to thrive without close supervision and exercise independent judgment and confidentiality in completing tasks,

-->'''h.''' Extensive knowledge of PC/MAC computer hardware, software, peripherals, and operating systems including Windows and MAC OS,

-->'''i.''' Working knowledge of the current computer applications and networks, and

-->'''j.''' Working knowledge of Windows Server, MS SQL, Help Desk Software, and Backups.


The incumbent is responsible for organizing facts and figures used to develop a budget.


The most creative aspects of the job relate to the wide variety of support calls received by the Help Desk. Applying the necessary skills such as customer service, problem solving, and technical skills with each call received is critical in providing the highest level of quality customer service and support, to ensure effective and efficient use of resources, and to ensure maximum issue resolution in minimum time.

General issues to be dealt with are the basic management functions related to assuring the optimum mix of personnel, training, resources, and knowledge necessary to ensure maximum issue resolution in minimum time in an effort to meet the demands of faculty, staff, and administration. Most issues are resolved internally within the department. Solutions are ascertained as either the result of the experience, consultation with appropriate Media, Computer, and Telecommunications Services staff, other support staff employed throughout the various departments on campus, consultation with administration and/or faculty committees, or a mix of all. The solution of long range planning for budgets and personnel require consultation with the supervisor and senior administrative offices. Occasionally, short range problems related to support requests that do not seem to be in keeping with the best interest of the university must involve the supervisor and other administrators.


->'''1.''' The incumbent works under the general supervision of the Assistant Vice-President for Technology and has broad latitude for planning, solution determination, and professional creativity.

->The incumbent is governed by all rules, regulations, and laws relating to the operation of a state funded department. Additionally, policies of university and Computer Services govern and are enforced by the incumbent.

->'''2.''' Supervision given others includes the incumbent directly supervising the Help Desk, Training, and Technical Writing sections of Computer Services.

->Supervision given is both direct and advisory. Daily supervision of the employees under the above listed departments is maintained through observation, formal, and informal meetings.

->Coordinates and indirectly manages the work of other support personnel within Computer Services that includes Network Services, Technology Support Services, Administrative Computing, and Microcomputer Services.


The incumbent is required to interact with all members of the university community, TAMUS personnel, personnel in state regulatory agencies, and members of the local community.

->'''1.''' Within the university - daily contact occurs with students, faculty, and staff, and

->'''2.''' Outside the university - occasional contact occurs with a wide variety of non- university personnel. Contact may include vendors and personnel from other state agencies and schools.