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'''Job Title:''' Language Lab Supervisor

'''Department:''' Microcomputer Services

'''Date:''' March 2, 2006

'''Update:''' March 2, 2007


Manage the operations of the Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi Foreign Language Laboratory and Perform student personnel human resources management support for the department of MicroComputer Services in a manner that assures efficient, accurate customer service support for the university community including students, faculty, staff, and visitors of the campus.

'''B. DUTIES:'''

This is a middle management position requiring a range of skills in the field of personnel management, multi media instructional materials development, equipment management, and organizational and communication strengths. The range of duties is related to the planning and execution of operations that assure stream line delivery of services to both our on campus community and the body of students, faculty and staff who telecommute via our online courseware system, WEBCT.

->'''1.''' Major Duties: Incumbent is responsible for coordinating, training, and staffing MCS lab support and WEBCT help desk support to assure efficient operation of the computer labs and telephone help line.

-->'''a.''' Reviews the needs of the MCS operations and determines human resource requirement for efficient operation,

-->'''b.''' Posts job openings with Career Services, screens and interviews candidates, hires and processes all required HR documents, including payroll account creation,

-->'''c.''' Provides continuous training for student employees,

-->'''d.''' Supervises performance and attendance.

-->'''e.''' Schedules employees,

-->'''f.''' Mediates personnel issues,

-->'''g.''' Provides guidance in goal setting and achievement for student, staff, and.

-->'''h.''' Manages all payroll data within the department.

->'''2.''' Other Major Duties: In cooperation with the first year Spanish program coordinator, incumbent develops lab assignments that correlate with the concepts taught in the class and;

-->'''a.''' Maintains attendance recording database, generates reports and provides other important student performance data to professors when needed, and

-->'''b.''' Makes recommendations for equipment, furniture, and software purchases for the lab.

'''Note:''' In efforts to perform the above with efficacy, participating in continuous training and communication with involved parties that ensures that the lab environment is safe and conducive to the accomplishment of the TAMUCC academic mission, is a primary responsibility of this position.

->'''3.''' Occasional and subordinate duties:

-->'''a.''' Maintenance of electronic hardware (assists MCS computer maintenance personnel when needed),

-->'''b.''' Production and production coordinating of video, audio, and graphic art projects when needed,

-->'''c.''' Event planning, and

-->'''d.''' Grant writing.


->'''1.''' Education required: a degree in the field of foreign language acquisition, a degree in a field related to foreign language acquisition, and three years of teaching experience

->'''2.''' Skills required:

-->'''a.''' Ability to teach the concepts covered in the beginning and intermediate Spanish courses,

-->'''b.''' Ability to develop enrichment lessons that enhance learning of the concepts presented in the foreign language classes,

-->'''c.''' Ability to create, via the use of digital and analogue technology, instructional and promotional videos that are used to facilitate learning,

-->'''d.''' Ability to evaluate field related hardware, software and audio visual materials and make purchase recommendations, and

-->'''e.''' Training and experience in personnel management.


The incumbent is responsible for and has advisory authority for the planning, preparation and implementation of funds allocated for Foreign Language Lab computers, furnishings, software and audio/visual equipment and resources.


The job requires continuous dependence on the knowledge and skills as defined above for the efficient execution of the duties described.


The incumbent has administrative authority of the student employee staff of the MicroComputer services department. This requires direct supervision of the student employee staff that performs the day-to-day operations of the computer labs in Corpus Christi suite 201, Center for Instruction labs and the Foreign Language Lab.


->'''1.''' Within the university daily contact occurs with faculty, staff, and students.

->'''2.''' Outside the university daily contact occurs with a wide variety of non-university personnel. Though not each day for each, typical contacts include a variety of vendors (city, state, outside the state, telephone, etc.), personnel from other state agencies and schools.

->'''3.''' Occasionally, recruiting persons for projects.