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'''Job Title:''' Manager of Microcomputer Services

'''Department:''' Microcomputer Services

'''Date:''' June 1998

'''Update:''' March 2007


Directly responsible for the administration, development, oversight, and technology in the support of computer laboratories to meet and exceed the needs of general and specific needs of the Universities curriculum. Provides timely and efficient computer services to general student labs including Helpdesk, wireless, printing, software and hardware support. Maintain and over see a fully functional campus wide online course management system including server administration and faculty student support Helpdesk.

'''B. DUTIES:'''

Responsible for overseeing weekly laboratory operations at multiple locations as well as the coordination of various campus entities to provide specialized software and hardware support. Responsible for research, recommendations, and negotiations for computer hardware for the university. Oversee the course management software as well as the pay for print service.

->'''1.''' Major Duties:

-->'''a.''' Researches, identifies, evaluates, and recommends state-of-the-art technologies, equipment, software, and related materials,

-->'''b.''' Notifies and consults with network managers about problems involving hardware, software and related equipment performance, output quality, and maintenance schedule,

-->'''c.''' Responsible for the oversight of pay for print system,

-->'''d.''' Responsible for the oversight of the university courseware management system WebCT,

-->'''e.''' Plans, organizes, and directs the operation of an Open Access Computing Lab,

-->'''f.''' Schedules hours of operation of the lab,

-->'''g.''' Analyzes, prepares, submits, and manages budget,

-->'''h.''' Assures equipment and networking software operate correctly,

-->'''i.''' Researches, identifies, evaluates, and recommends changes to improve computer operating utilization, efficiency, and security.

-->'''j.''' Provides consultative, technical, and training services to administrators, staff, faculty, and students on capabilities and limitations of the computer lab, and

-->'''k.''' Plans, designs, schedules, and implements operational, technical and support requirements and enhancements for the location, installation, operation, security, and maintenance of the computer access lab.

->'''2.''' Occasional and subordinate duties:

-->'''a.''' Researches, develops, evaluates, recommends, implements, and maintains computer labs policies and procedures manual,

-->'''b.''' Collaborates with department support staff to ensure a consistent, reliable and secure computing environment,

-->'''c.''' Classifies, catalogs, and maintains inventory of operating equipment and supplies,

-->'''d.''' Tracks, analyzes, reports, and evaluates computer lab efficiency and utilization to ensure a consistent, reliable, and secure environment,

-->'''e.''' Prepares reports to recommend and support computer lab enhancements, and

-->'''f.''' Identifies, defines, and recommends disaster recovery and security responsibilities, and procedures of the computer lab facility.


->'''1.''' Education required; a degree from an accredited institution in computer science, management, or a related field, a minimum of six years in the operation of all types of computer equipment, and two years of supervisory experience is preferred. A degree is preferred.

->'''2.''' Skills Required:

-->'''a.''' Knowledge of the principles, practices, procedures and techniques of computer lab management and computer operating systems and equipment,

-->'''b.''' Ability to thrive without close supervision and exercise independent judgment and confidentiality in completing tasks,

-->'''c.''' Ability to effectively communicate technical concepts to faculty, staff, students, and vendors,

-->'''d.''' Ability to plan and coordinate work assignments,

-->'''e.''' Knowledge of personal computer hardware and software, security software, performance monitoring, and management tools,

-->'''f.''' Ability to train staff,

-->'''g.''' Working knowledge of the current systems and applications,

-->'''h.''' Ability to interpret technical information relating to computer operations,

-->'''i.''' Knowledge of PC and Mac computer hardware, peripherals and operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS and Unix,

-->'''j.''' Knowledge of pay for print systems, especially Pharos print management system,

-->'''k.''' Knowledge of wireless access and administration,

-->'''l.''' Knowledge of WebCT and other online course management systems,

-->'''m.''' Ability to research, analyzes, and assimilates new operating techniques and technologies,

-->'''n.''' Ability to install and configure software on PC, Mac and IBM compatible models, and

-->'''o.''' Skill in using web technologies.


The incumbent is responsible for planning and the administration of the Microcomputer Services budget as well as providing advisory authority on other Information Technology expenditures on campus. Acquisitions and budgetary responsibilities include of but not limiting to computer equipment acquisition, wireless network operations, furnishings, multi-media equipment, server equipment, helpdesk supplies, and personnel budgets.


This position provides key project management skills to ensure the successful operation of all of the services provided by Microcomputer Services. Maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction is a top priority for this organization. This is achieved by this ability to understand the needs of its stakeholders and properly combines human and technical resources to efficiently and effectively complete objectives.


->'''1.''' The incumbent has administrative authority over the Microcomputer Services budget and personnel actions. This authority includes the primary approval of requisitions for business office processing for capital expenditures, operational expenditures, and travel and training expenditures; and, the authority to hire and fire student and State funded employees (in accordance with general university procedures). Supervision of full time staff is a key element in this position, providing close monitoring of all staff, and providing daily guidance and support in their efforts.

->'''2.''' Supervision given others: The incumbent directly supervises the Network Administrators for WebCT, Lab Managers, Network Lab Managers, graduate assistants, and student employees.


->'''1.''' Within the university daily contact occurs with students, faculty, and staff,

->'''2.''' Monthly and quarterly contact occurs with senior administrative personnel,

->'''3.''' Outside the university daily contact occurs with a wide variety of non-university personnel. Though not each day for each, typical contacts include a variety of vendors (city, state, outside the state, telephone, etc.), personnel from other state agencies and schools, and

->'''4.'''' Interaction with civic leaders is required on an irregular basis: as a result of involvement with specific community oriented projects. Additional interaction occurs irregularly as a result of other university involvement with community service.