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'''Job Title:''' Network Manager II (LMS)

'''Department:''' Microcomputer Services

'''Date:''' February 2006

'''Update:''' February 2007


Provide leadership to team members; ability to prioritize resources, assign projects and manage and monitor execution plans for the IslandOnline (WebCT) section of Computer Services.

'''B. DUTIES:'''

This position is responsible for management, administration, and development expertise for WebCT support faculty with integrating technology into their courses in WebCT. This person should have prior experience with WebCT tools and be able to apply existing and new online learning technologies into it. This person will also provide technical skills in ColdFusion, Java, SQL and PL/SQL and Oracle database. Assist with systems integration of WebCT with campus systems. Be able to establish standards in order to ensure data integrity and high availability and troubleshoot platform wide problems in a complex computing environment. This individual should have good team building skills that can effectively address performance issues and inspire, develop, mentor and supervise team members.

->'''1.''' Major Duties:

-->'''a.''' Will be responsible for installing, administering, monitoring, configuring, and upgrading learning management system software (WebCT) on Linux in a 24/7 setting,

-->'''b.''' Can research and assist faculty in the use of instructional technology to enhance teaching and create new learning environments,

-->'''c.''' Interpret and apply SCORM and IMS XML guidelines for integrating the Learning Management System with other systems on campus,

-->'''d.''' Develop and support enterprise systems integration approaches by collaborating with peers in other IT areas & enterprise system owners for systems integration issues,

-->'''e.''' Evaluate new or upgraded technologies/standards in the education sector with regard to e-learning and assess their relevance to the operation and administration of the platform,

-->'''f.''' Maintain existing and develop complex applications in ColdFusion using Fusebox or similar frameworks for various in-house projects,

-->'''g.''' Develop scripts and applications using SQL, PL/SQL, XML and other programming ,

-->'''h.''' Perform trend analysis and metrics definitions for improved operations, evaluate database and system performance and availability, and when required, take corrective and/or preventive actions to resolve platform failure, security or performance issues,

-->'''i.''' Install, administer and monitor Oracle database; perform database configuration and patch management and analyze database schemas for performance tuning, and

-->'''j.''' Devise and implement a comprehensive backup/restore and disaster recovery strategy for production systems.

->'''2.''' Occasional and subordinate duties: Other duties as assigned.


->'''1.''' Education required; a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or computing related discipline while experience can substitute for education although education cannot substitute for experience.

->'''2.''' Skills required:

-->'''a.''' Applied knowledge in WebCT (LMS) systems administration, security, maintenance, configuration, migration, backup and recovery in an enterprise (24/7) environment,

-->'''b.''' One (1) year hands on experience in WebCT systems administrator and integration,
-->'''c.''' Experience with integrating technology in the classroom and integrating the same for an online learning environment,

-->'''d.''' One (1) year of progressive experience in database, ColdFusion & web technologies development with experience in managing entire projects,

-->'''e.''' Experience with Database Administration in a Linux/Unix environment,

-->'''f.''' Knowledge of online learning technologies and their application in a classroom or online environment,

-->'''g.''' Experience with administration in Linux/UNIX & Windows Server systems.Demonstrate competence in utilizing: Java, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL*PLUS, XML, XML Parsers, XSLT, JavaScript, CSS, WML, XHTML, HTML, CVS, source code management environments and enterprise server management tools,

-->'''h.''' Proficiency in creating and maintaining database objects views, stored procedures, packages, functions, triggers etc. and knows normalization and query optimization,

-->'''i.''' Good knowledge of ODBC/JDBC, TCP/IP, SQLNET, WAP & network routing,

-->'''j.''' Experience with Web Server (ex: Apache, WebLogic) configuration, and management with experience in SSL, Digital certificates, secure shell, SFTP,

-->'''k.''' Strong decision-making and negotiation skills, ability to develop and maintain technical policies and procedures, and improve performance through process modification,

-->'''l.''' Ability to navigate organizational structures and create professional networks,

-->'''m.''' Good understanding of standard enterprise application issues including scalability, reliability, data contention, availability, compatibility, security, and etc.,

-->'''n.''' Experience in analyzing functional requirements and organizing specifications,

-->'''o.''' Capacity to determine the impact of integration or upgrade paths for WebCT, Oracle and other components on system operation, performance and availability and ability to perform functional testing of system upgrades,

-->'''p.''' Exceptional troubleshooting, debugging, and problem solving skills with a high level of attention to detail,

-->'''q.''' Strong conceptual, analytical, and technical architecture skills,

-->'''r.''' Strong interpersonal, organizational & verbal and written communication skills,

-->'''s.''' Experience with technical writing and documentation, and

-->'''t.''' Proven ability to manage multiple projects with changing priorities. Be able to work independently, as part of a team or as leader of a group.


Responsible for planning with allocated expenditures for computer production and operations.


Providing optimum support for students, faculty, and staff with regards to the university's online course management hardware/software. This is done by maintaining the IslandOnline system, researching new technologies as they become available, and making informed decisions based on actively acquired knowledge of computing systems.


Receives general direction from assigned supervisor and provides general supervision of support staff.


->'''1.''' Within the university daily contact occurs with faculty, staff, and students.

->'''2.''' Outside the university, contact occurs with a wide variety of other institutions and organizations (ex: support groups for WebCT) as they relate to learning management and administration.