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Job Title: Network Manager II – Systems Administrator

Department: Microcomputer Services

Date: March 2007


The position is responsible for managing the successful and timely operations of university student PC laboratories to meet the specific and general curriculum requirements of faculty and staff across the Texas A&M University –Corpus Christi (TAMUCC) campus.


Work involves managing a team of employees and the ability to exercise critical technical decisions unsupervised. Develops, tests, and maintains software images for lab computers in Windows and Mac environments for student use. Implements and maintains critical security and administration tools for use by lab staff to help ease lab maintenance. Administers university-wide “Pay for Print” system. The position serves as a central point for support and training to other lab administrators on campus for support in maintaining their own environments, systems, and security policies.

1. Major Duties: Incumbent is responsible for planning for, coordination of, and management of computer resources of TAMUCC. In performance of this duty, the incumbent:
a. Administers and conducts routine maintenance on all Computer Services Windows and Mac labs with over 400 clients,
b. Creates software images and manages technical resources for deployment,
c. Responsible for management, planning, scheduling, and deployment of computing to all authorized campus events,
d. Administers several mission critical systems in the windows 2000/2003 server and Mac OS X environments,
e. Researches new technologies as they become available, and
f. Performs all duties as assigned.


1. Education required; a Bachelor’s degree or at least three years of experience performing desktop maintenance and support.
2. Skills required:
a. Knowledge of Symantec Ghost imaging software, including Symantec Ghost Console,
b. Knowledge of Windows Server 2000/2003 platforms,
c. Knowledge of Mac OS X Server platform,
d. Knowledge of Windows Server and Pharos Uniprint printer administration,
e. Knowledge of Novell account administration,
f. Ability to troubleshoot and work in heterogeneous network environments, and a firm understanding of common network protocols,
g. Ability to install and maintain Windows 98/XP desktops,
h. Ability to install and maintain Macintosh OS X desktops,
i. Ability to communicate effectively technical concepts to students, faculty, staff, and vendors, and
j. Ability to work in a professional environment and make critical, while considering constantly shifting job duties and demands.


The most creative aspects of the job relate to the occasional duties such as computer lab maintenance and ad-hoc event scheduling.

General issues to be dealt with are the basic management functions related to assuring the optimum mix of equipment, supplies, and personnel necessary to meet the demands of faculty, staff, and administration. Most issues are resolved internally within the department.


1. The incumbent has administrative authority within Computer Services. This authority includes the management of equipment and student employees. Personnel operations are independent of direct supervision.
2. Supervision given is both direct and advisory. Daily supervision of 20+ employees is maintained through observation, formal and informal meetings.


The incumbent is required to interact with all members of the university community, Texas A&M University System personnel, personnel in state regulatory agencies and members of the local community. Within the university daily contact occurs with students, faculty, and staff.