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'''Job Title:''' Network Services Manager

'''Department:''' Network Services

'''Date:''' March 1, 2007

'''Update:''' March 1, 2007


The Network Services Manager oversees the operation of all activities regarding the campus enterprise network as relates to both major server operations, computer and network security, and network operation at both the local and wide area levels. The incumbent also supervises and delegates to several FTE personnel as well as several student positions.

'''B. DUTIES:'''

This is an management position requiring a broad base of management and technical skills. The preponderance of duties is related to planning and organization necessary to assure network and server application availability within agreed upon budgets and staff. Position oversees primary campus e-mail and web services, campus technical security, network analysis and deployment as well as planning and implementation.

->'''1.''' Major Duties:

-->'''a.''' Supervise the Network Services Group,

-->'''b.''' Oversee purchasing and planning regarding Network Services, specifically server-related and network related growth, replacement, and special projects,

-->'''c.''' Network planning and design,

-->'''d.''' Network analysis,

-->'''e.''' Security analysis,

-->'''f.''' Strategic and tactical network and server-related planning,

-->'''g.''' Emergency planning,

-->'''h.''' Budgetary considerations with regard to Network Services,

-->'''i.''' Linux (Red Hat / Fedora Core) maintenance,

-->'''j.''' Network troubleshooting,

-->'''k.''' WAN troubleshooting,

-->'''l.''' Consultation with regard to network connectivity and related security concerns,

-->'''m.''' Switch, router, and firewall configuration, and

-->'''n.''' Packet analysis.

->'''2.''' Occasional and subordinate duties:

-->'''a.''' Supporting role, when asked, to Director Media and Computer Services,

-->'''b.''' Presentations to technical staff on campus, and

-->'''c.''' Assignments requiring special considerations.


->'''1.''' Education required: degree, Masters degree (both should be in a Computer Science related discipline.), extensive experience, or vocational training in operations related to Linux or Unix systems administration, server administration, enterprise networks, security across a broad spectrum of OSs, management, project planning, etc.

->'''2.''' Skills required:

-->'''a.''' Strong networking background and security awareness,

-->'''b.''' Router/Switch/Firewall configuration knowledge,

-->'''c.''' TCP/IP familiarity in an enterprise environment,

-->'''d.''' DNS/DHCP familiarity as well as troubleshooting of same,

-->'''e.''' Operating system familiarity (both MS Windows servers and Linux servers),

-->'''f.''' Strong LAN/WAN experience and analytical skills,

-->'''g.''' Conflict resolution and communications skills,

-->'''h.''' Strong interpersonal skills, and

-->'''i.''' Ability to understand complex programs in C, C++, Perl, Java, PHP, SQL as well as ability to create programs in the above languages in order to automate processes.


Incumbent analyzes needs of Network Services and prepares budgetary information to supervisor for review and planning. Incumbent must be able to see future trends in networking and servers in order to plan and steer the campus toward growth and continued functionality while keeping computer and network security in mind.


Incumbent must function largely autonomously in keeping an enterprise level network in working, efficient order. Incumbent must also maintain good relationships between the various personnel who comprise Network Services. Incumbent must have a very strong knowledge of networking and computer security.


Incumbent works fairly closely with his/her supervisor due to the dynamic nature of networks and network changes.


General contact is limited to special incidents (worm outbreaks, virus outbreaks, etc).