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Announcing - making users aware of the availability of, location of, content of, usefulness of, and how to use an electronic resource (usually recently acquired).

Acqiring - purchasing and/or providing access to materials to be added to the Library's collection, including free resources.

Electronic Book - a digital version of a traditional print book designed to be read on a personal computer or an e-book reader.

Electronic Journal - a digital version of a print journal, or a journal-like electronic publication with no print counterpart, made available via the Web, e-mail, or other means of Internet access.

Electronic Resource - materials that require computer mediation in order to access their content and make it useful.

Evaluating - regularly reviewing the continued usefulness of each electronic resource.

Licensing - controlling the use of a resouce by negotiating a formal written contract between a library and a vendor for the lease of one or more proprietary (copyrighted) bibliographic resources, usually for a fixed period of time and usually in exchange for payment of an annual subscription fee or per-search charge.

Maintaining - keeping library electronic resources operable and the information contained within them accurate.

Newsletter - A serial publication consisting of no more than a few pages, devoted to news, announcements, and current information of interest primarily to a specialized group of subscribers or members of an association or organization who receive it as part of their membership available in print and/or online. Most periodical indexes and bibliographic databases do not cover newsletter content.

Organizing - the arrangement of resources in order to provide the most effective access to them.

Selecting - Determining which materials should be added to the library collection in order to develop a balanced collection of materials to meet the information needs of university faculty, staff and students while keeping in accordance to the library’s mission statement and the General Collection Development Policy.


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