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'''Job Title:''' Programmer Analyst II Bursars Office

'''Support:''' Accounts Receivable, Self Service

'''Department:''' Academic Information Services

'''Date:''' April 2006

'''Updated:''' February 2007


Support the operations of the Student Information Systems (Banner and SIS) for the office of Bursar at Texas A&M University Corpus Christi

'''B. DUTIES:'''

This is a programmer analyst position requiring a broad base of programming and technical skills.

->'''1.''' Major Duty: Support the Student Information System, SIS Plus, and

-->'''a.''' As directed by senior programmers and Bursar functional users, schedule A/R batch update and report programs,

-->'''b.''' As directed by senior programmers and Bursar functional users, verify nightly processes by checking A/R related reports and output,

-->'''c.''' Run reports and/or programs from A/R users, senior programmers, or other campus entities when requested,

-->'''d.''' Primary AITS technical support for Touchnet Payment Gateway,

-->'''e.''' Primary AITS technical support for Touchnet Voice Response,

-->'''f.''' Train new employees on primary areas of support or related systems, and

-->'''g.''' Other duties as requested in support of A/R and AITS.

->'''2.''' Major Duty: Implement and Support the Student Information System (Banner) and:

-->'''a.''' Participate in all Banner technical and functional related training, mapping sessions, and conversion visits,

-->'''b.''' Transition to primary AITS support for Touchnet interface to the Banner system,

-->'''c.''' Transition to primary support for A/R conversion and SSB conversion,

-->'''d.''' Primary support for Appworx implementation/interface to the Banner system,

-->'''e.''' Primary support for AdAstra implementation/interface to the Banner system,

-->'''f.''' Secondary/backup support for A&R conversion,

-->'''g.''' Copy validation table data, load validation data, scrub table data, troubleshoot table dependencies and constraints, and provide reports when necessary or requested,

-->'''h.''' Document extraction, conversion, and migration of SIS+ data into Banner,

-->'''i.''' Work with SCT help desk (UDC), Conversion Support team, and functional or technical leads with any issues needing resolution,

-->'''j.''' Other duties as requested in support of A/R and AITS, and

-->'''k.''' Create reports and/or programs from A/R users, senior programmers, or other campus entities.


->'''1.''' Education required; degree and two years work experience.

->'''2.''' Skills required:

-->'''a.''' System Analysis and Software Development,

-->'''b.''' Report writing & Interface development,

-->'''c.''' Oracle software suite,

-->'''d.''' SQL/PL-SQL, Java, PHP, C/C++/C#, HTML, Shell Scripting, ProC/ProCOBOL,UNIX,

-->'''e.''' ERP Student Information Systems (Banner or equivalent), and

-->'''f.''' 3rd party SIS systems (Evisions, Degree Navigator, AppWorx, AdAstra, Touchnet).




->'''1.''' Implements, converts, and customizes ERP software specific to higher education,

->'''2.''' Consults with clients to gather information about program needs, objectives, functions, features, and input and output requirements,

->'''3.''' Analyzes, defines, and documents requirements for administrative system software,

->'''4.''' Writes and maintains functional and technical specifications,

->'''5.''' Develops and maintains plans outlining steps and time tables for developing programs,

->'''6.''' Research and evaluate software and hardware to assist in programming or to use as program platforms,

->'''7.''' Customizes and codes screen layouts, graphical user interfaces, printed outputs, and interfaces with other systems,

->'''8.''' Converts designs and specifications into computer code. Compiles code into programs and corrects errors detected in compile process,

->'''9.''' Creates test transactions and runs tests to find errors and confirm programs meet specifications,

->'''10.''' Analyzes code to find causes of errors and revises programs. Consults with client to prototype, refine, test, and debug programs to meet needs,

->'''11.''' Writes and maintains documentation to describe program development, logic, coding, testing, changes, and corrections,

->'''12.''' Provides technical assistance by responding to inquiries from others regarding errors, problems, or questions about programs, and

->'''13.''' Train end users or technical support staff to use programs. Monitor performance of programs after implementation.




Interact with members of the university community and other external individuals as needed to support the customer, and:

->'''1.''' Daily contact with customers within the Bursar office,

->'''2.''' Contact with university academic offices in support of the student information system and 3rd Party supported systems as well as Banner project, and

->'''3.''' Contact with other university offices as required.