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'''Job Title:''' Programmer III (Database Administrator)

'''Department:''' Administrative Computing Services

'''Date:''' January 30, 2006

'''Update:''' February 2007


This position enables Computer Services to provide general-purpose database resources to the university community at large as well as provide support for data migration, importation, and exportation between various systems. These databases include both back ends to commercial software packages as well as to university-developed applications.

'''B. DUTIES:'''

->'''1.''' Major Duties:

-->'''a.''' Installs and maintains Oracle 10g, MySQL, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL and OpenLDAP databases as required by applications,

-->'''b.''' Provides timely data migration support between data sources and databases including offsite data,

-->'''c.''' Provides data-recovery services, both for crash-resilience and for prevention of user-error related data loss,

-->'''d.''' Ensures security of stored data and data in transit, and

-->'''e.''' Facilitates efficient use of computing resources in regards to server consolidation where prudent and feasible.

->'''2.''' Occasional and subordinate duties:

-->'''a.''' Co-administers Imaging Application, including Imaging user management, in-application query building, and Imaging server systems administration,

-->'''b.''' Web-design, mass-mail support,

-->'''c.''' Maintain campus e911 databases,

-->'''d.''' Maintain and improve student punch-clock system, and

-->'''e.''' Build queries as requested to provide statistics and/or data to facilitate research in utilization or security of departmental resources.


->'''1.''' Education required; a Bachelor's degree in CS, MIS or other technical/engineering related field.

->'''2.''' Skills required:

-->'''a.''' Proficiency with Oracle, MySQL, MS-SQL (SQL Server) and OpenLDAP,

-->'''b.''' Proficiency with scripting languages including PERL, PHP and the PERL DBI,

-->'''c.''' Familiarity with Microsoft Active Directory LDAP interface, and

-->'''d.''' Ability to pull draw from multiple data and personnel resources via interface design, especially in regards to Web application development.


Recommends applications for purchase, and hardware upgrades as required by databases and applications.


The person in this position develops applications and user-interfaces that are potentially used by the entire university community. This person also develops and maintains back-end programs to tie together numerous different systems.


This position requires the ability to be a self-motivator, to find and resolve issues before they become problematic, and to work effectively on long-term projects with minimal supervision. This position must work closely with other developers and operators, maintain good working relationships with these people, and with other departments who may be the end user of the aforementioned databases and resources.


This position is responsible for the construction of applications and Websites that may be accessible to the public.