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Distance Students in Portal

  • Another issue this morning 9/4/07

Distance learning students are not entered into Portal. When they call regarding problems getting in to our resources, I've been checking their account by asking them to run "My account", and then if they don't show up, take the phone, or transfer them to Circ to add them to our student database. Usually this takes care of the problem. SB --

Archived 10/2/07

Office 2007 reminder

  • An issue encounted this morning 9/4/07 -
    • People are trying to print Windows 2007 documents from our workstations. I've asked for Systems to update the software so Windows 2003 can read Windows 2007, but they may have to research it some before we can install it. There may not even be a fix for the Viewer.

Posted by Sally

Archived 9/17/07

Search All Databases and SFX down Sunday, 9/16 8 am - 12 noon

(9-12-2007) SFX and Metalib will be unavailable between 8 am and noon this coming Sunday, 9/16/2007. This downtime is necessary to allow CIS staff to complete the process of fixing things on the SFX and Metalib servers so that those servers can access the Storage Area Network (SAN). This access was lost during the heat spike at CIS approximately 2.5 weeks ago. As our Metalib 4.0 data is, or in the case of production, will be, stored on the SAN, this is necessary for us to go forward with Metalib 4.0 testing and implementation. --Sarah

Archived 9/17/07 I just received an email from Computer Services and they will be doing some maintenance work on the Linux servers (Falcon) and it will require a restart. They intend on doing this on ""Friday, September 14, after 5:00 pm. "" They state it will be about a 5 minute shutdown. This will affect "our web site, access to Portal, access to the PHL". If you have any questions let me know. -From Abel, posted by Sally 9/11/07