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'''Corpus Christi Montessori School:'''

'''Application for a Tenth Generation Open-Enrollment Charter School'''

[+'''(revised job duties)'''+]

The following sections address the partial fulfillment of application requirements as indicated on the 10th Generation application. In parenthesis are the sections of the application to which it applies.


'''HUMAN RESOURCES INFORMATION (Section 5, including 5G)'''

'''Powers and Duties of School Officers: '''

'''The Director (5B)'''

The Director reports to the Board of Directors He/She is responsible for oversight of all of the day-to-day operations of the school, including academic financial accountability. The Director recruits and supervises other school officers and staff. The Director is the public 'face' of the school - creating and fostering relationships in the community. This officer is the pivotal point - the person who insures that all of the participants in the charter adhere to quality standards as they bring the vision of CCMS into reality.

Duties include:
Maintaining the quality of the vision and mission of the school
Bringing staff, students, parents and community members together for the benefit of the school
Recruiting and maintaining a professional staff - teachers with the relevant certifications and experience for a Montessori school
Recruiting and maintaining administrative and support staff to carry out financial and student attendance accountability, and facilities management.
Design of overall staff development strategies and creating appropriate policies and procedures.
Setting standards for curriculum development and TEKS alignment, materials management, curriculum extensions, and classroom environments.
Program evaluation strategies; analysis of standardized testing and portfolio results for each grade and the school as a whole
Preliminary planning and research for all areas of development and growth of the school
Approval of all purchases and disbursements on behalf of the school
Signatory duties on behalf of the school - entering into contracts for services, banking relationships, grants administration
Reporting to the Board of Directors and TEA on all facets of school operation
Networking in the larger community and among related professional organizations on behalf of the school
Guaranteeing compliance - health, property, licensing, curricular, special services, education code - PEIMS, admissions, withdrawals, records; keep apprised of all regulations regarding the school
Implementation of student discipline standards; child advocacy as needed. Serve as an ex-officio on the Board of Directors; keep the Board informed; deliver the management tools necessary for effective decision-making

'''The Assistant to the Director (PEIMS Coordinator) (5M)'''

The Assistant to the Director reports to the Director. He/She is responsible for oversight of the financial and student records, attendance accountability, facilities management, human resources, and the National School Lunch Program (Low socio-economic/at risk students). This staff member will be the liaison with the Region II Education Service Center (ESC2) to ensure that proper source documentation is maintained and submitted for PEIMS.

This staff member is responsible for:
Detailed aspects of compliance - making sure that during the course of daily operations, all regulations and standards are met.
Duties delegated to attendance clerks

Understand the procedures and aspects of the education code related to attendance accountability
Maintain accurate and reliable student records and attendance records, including transfers and withdrawals (leavers).
It is necessary to have a thorough understanding of PEIMS procedures and RSCCC program updates
The PEIMS Coordinator and supporting staff will track the National School Lunch Program (Low socio-economic/at risk students) reporting results to the Assistant to the Director
All support staff will be given confidentiality training and all will understand the PEIMS information must be kept secure
Track and maintain attendance, transcripts and grade reporting, admissions procedures, and cumulative folders.
The PEIMS Coordinator will be included in auditing exercises, such as the Initial On-Site Visit (IOV)
Supervise all detailed aspects of financial and student attendance accountability
Liaison to Education Service Center Region II (ESC2) for accounting services and the maintenance of all files and source documents for the purpose of regular audits
Provide documentation and back-up to all original invoices for approval of the Director.
Participate in the checks and balances of the on-site accounting functions, together with the Director
Liaison to ESC2 for student attendance; oversight of the registration
Process and maintenance of cumulative folders
Guarantee that the school follows all guidelines in the "Student Attendance Accounting Handbook"
National School Lunch Program (Low socio-economic/at risk students) - all associated logistics, reports and compliance with regulations
Textbook officer

Required Qualifications for PEIMS Coordinator: (5M)

Preferred associates degree in business or education-related field.
One year experience as PEIMS Coordinator or PEIMS-related duties
Experience with RSCCC

Salary PEIMS Coordinator: $18,000 - $30,000 (5N)

'''Professional Development (5O)'''

Through the Education Service Center, the PEIMS Coordinator and other staff will receive specialized training on RSCCC software and PEIMS.
Specific support staff will be trained in the regulations regarding attendance tracking, transcripts and grade reporting, admissions procedures, and creation and maintenance of cumulative folders.

'''Evaluation (5P)'''

The PEIMS Coordinator will complete a self-evaluation of levels of accomplishments and discuss results with the Assistant to the Director who will make a determination regarding levels of performance. The PEIMS Coordinator will, in turn, complete this process with professional staff under his/her supervision.

'''Lead Teacher/Curriculum Director (5B)'''

The Lead Teacher/Curriculum Director is responsible for the supervision of teachers and aides. He/She will also insure proper implementation of programs of Special Education, limited English Proficiency (LEP, ESL, and Bi-lingual Programs), Gifted and Talented (GATE), and various enrichment programs. His/Her duties will include communication and coordination with the specialized contract personnel (Diagnostician, Speech Therapist, etc.).
The Lead Teacher/Curriculum Director is responsible for the detailed alignment of the Montessori curriculum to the TEKS. He/She works directly with the teachers and aides in developing strategies for the classroom. This officer is responsible for monitoring and documentation of all special programs, including the outreach into the community (Corpus Christi Museum of History, Texas State Aquarium, etc.), as well as planning and scheduling field trips.
The Lead Teacher/Curriculum Director will review student portfolios, the Montessori lesson tracking records, and written observations from each teacher together with the standardized test scores to complete a profile of student and class performance. Problem areas will be reported to the Director. Conferences with the parents, teachers, and Director will be held on a periodic basis.
The Lead Teacher/Curriculum Director is the first-line supervisor of the teaching staff and will perform their initial evaluations and keep the Director informed of any issues arising regarding the teaching staff or quality of the academic program.


Job Descriptions:
Design and preparation of the classroom .
Appropriate sequencing of materials
Creating of attractive hands-on materials in the basic subject areas. Creation of Individual Education Plans that align to the TAKS and TEKS
Determining the scope and sequence of lessons and providing direct instruction
Classroom management
Modeling appropriate behavior - calm, respectful, peaceful . Parent conferencing
Record keeping - track lessons
Observation and evaluation of students and their work
Preparation of report cards and portfolios for the parents' review
Care of the outdoor environment
Providing a daily program of perceptual motor development


The Director must have a Masters Degree in Education or a related field and a Montessori Certification, administrative experience of at least three (3) years and some teaching experience.
The Assistant to the Director/PEIMS Coordinator must have an Degree, Degree, or equivalent administrative experience of two years or more. He/She must have experier1ce in a school setting.
The Lead Teacher/Curriculum Director must have a Bachelors Degree (or higher) in education or a related field, plus three (3) or more years of teaching experience with Montessori certification.
Teachers must have college degree and Montessori certification.

The student handbook will list the names and qualifications of each instructional staff member which provides written notice of qualifications to parents or guardians.


School Officer Accountability (5F)
At each monthly meeting, the Board of Directors will review reports from school officers and the Director to monitor school performance. Once per semester, the President (Chairperson) and other Board members will conduct on-site reviews of school operations. The school-wide statistics provided by the standardized testing companies and TEA will be reported to the Board of Directors. Un-announced visits and reviews by the Director and Board members will be conducted as needed.
Evaluation of Administrative Personnel: (5F)
School officers will complete measurable goals and objectives statements for their positions and secure an agreement that will be approved by the Director. Each officer will complete self-evaluation of levels of accomplishments, and discuss results with the Director who will make a determination regarding levels of performance. The Assistant Directors will, in turn, complete this process with the Professional staff and Support staff under their supervision.
Evaluation of Instructional Staff (5L)
Teachers will provide self-evaluations. Parents and guardians will provide, as well. This information will be considered by the Director, who will discuss final evaluations with the Director.


Lead teachers will attend academies, workshops, and the follow-up sessions sponsored by the Region II Education Service Center (ESC2).
The CCMS charter campus administrators will attend leadership academies and subsequent follow up sessions. Teacher Aids will be encouraged to work towards completing an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Development or pursue teaching credentials through the College of Educations at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi.

'''SALARY RANGES: (5D, J, N)'''

Director: $45,000 - $70,000
Assistant to the Director/PEIMS Coordinator: $18,000 - $40,000
Lead Teacher/Curriculum Coordinator: $30,000 - $45,000
Teacher: $25,000 $40,000
Benefits (5D, J, N)
Teachers, administrators, and other staff will receive the same benefits, i.e. Teacher Retirement (TRS), health and dental benefits and disability insurance.


CCMS will utilize Quickbooks the software accounting program which can be converted into Microsoft Excel for conversion into the Public Education Management System (PEIMS) or PEIMS codes could be directly added directly to Quickbooks. This application will track assets, liabilities, revenues, expenses and will record and maintain all aspects of the budget, as well as allow for the exportation to PEIMS.


CCMS will utilize the latest version of RSCCC (Regional Software Coop) with technical support (as well as training) from the Education Service Center (ESC2).
The Assistant to the Director will be the liaison to ESC2 and will be responsible for all of the associated manuals and regulations regarding PEIMS, including the Data Standards and the Student Attendance Accounting Handbook.
The Assistant to the Director will provide attendance data to ESC2 MIS personnel for entry into their PEIMS software. ESC2 will extract PEIMS data and provide it to the school for final edit. Reports will be reviewed by the Director before being returned to ESC2 for final submission to TEA.


Planned Academic Assessment of Students Performance:
Academic performance in the foundation areas will be assessed by periodic progress testing.
Performance and assessment will adhere to the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS), Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).
For Reading - In Kindergarten through 2nd grade the Texas Primary Reading Inventory will be used. Individualized instruction will be made available when results indicate a need.
Third grade students will take the TAKS. If students receive low or failing results, CCMS will establish tutoring programs with in-house testing.


1. Advertise in the local newspapers.
2. Give priority to siblings keeps the family together.
3. Draw the lottery in the presence of parents and community members.
Timeline: (9A)
Application deadline____________
The Lottery: (9B-F)
CCMS advertises in local newspapers. A deadline for the lottery will be stated. Age qualifications will be indicated.
The Director and Assistant Director of Administration will determine the number of spaces available for the lottery based on the following criteria: spaces in the classroom, student-teacher ratio, curriculum available for each age group.
Certain candidates do not have to participate in the lottery to secure a space. During our second year as a charter, returning students and siblings of returning students would have first priority.
Lottery materials are sealed and placed in a secured cabinet for auditing purposes. As soon as possible after enrollment, vision and hearing screenings, and shot record updates will take place.
CCMS school's policies are designed to further enrollment and support the mission of the school in a nondiscriminatory fashion. CCMS does not discriminate based on sex, age, national origin, race or religion.

'''BUSINESS PLAN (Section 11)'''

The start-up grant will apply to CCMS because it is a new entity
Grant Application 1st Year - $___________
CCMS Cash Flow Availability - $__________
CCMS Educational Material Availability - $_____________

'''School Calendar. '''

Our calendar reflects the Corpus Christi Independent School District calendar. School hours are _____ a.m. to _______ p.m. Monday through Friday.

'''Facility Management '''

CCMS district office and main campus is located at _______________________________________
CCMS will be housed in a building that meets the Federal, State and local safety and health requirements.

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