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'''Job Title:''' Systems Analyst

'''Department:''' Administrative Computing Services

'''Date:''' January 2001

'''Update:''' February 20, 2007


Oversee the daily and long-term strategic management of software and licenses for the academic and administrative departments of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi and some TAMUCC affiliates off-campus.

'''B. DUTIES:'''

Performs advanced professional and technical work supervising the analysis, development, implementation and maintenance of departmental and campus software and licensing circumstances. Develops and implements prociedures for tracking company assets to oversee quality control throughout their lifecycles. With additional direction from senior management, assists in forming procurement strategies for software technology spends accross the organization. Work is
performed under general direction with considerable latitude for the use of initiative and independent judgment.

->'''1.''' Major Duties: Incumbent is responsible for all software licensing resources belonging to TAMUCC including, but not limited to, physical media and documentation, product license codes, license agreements, purchase orders, and any other relevant tangible and non-tangible software assets. In performance of this duty, the incumbent:

-->'''a.''' Works closely with the Director of Purchasing with the negotiation of pricing, terms, and conditions of contracts with contractors and/or service providers,

-->'''b.''' Formulates and implements processes and procedures for tracking and analyzing technical and financial data of university software from requisition through retirement,

-->'''c.''' Tracks and maintains copies of software licenses, warranties, maintenance agreements, and vendor contacts,

-->'''d.''' Manages and maintains a hardware and software audit server that remotely audits university computing assets,

-->'''e.''' Develops, manages, maintains, and configures a web portal for the software and hardware remote auditing server,

-->'''f.''' Compares licenses, warranties, maintenance agreements, and vendor contracts against audits to ensure the legal compliance and asset upkeep, upgrades, repair, and replacement,

-->'''g.''' Enters all software serial numbers or identification tags into database/repository/asset management software and ensure information is up-to-date, accurate, and auditable,

-->'''h.''' Performs inventories and usage monitoring of all IT software assets and records all findings, changes, physical location, and incidences of support,

-->'''i.''' Diagnoses, resolves, and manages complicated software licensing issues and additionally complies with software licenses for single and multiple users, maximizes legal use of software, and oversees huge software asset inventories,

-->'''j.''' Tracks, analyzes, evaluates, and reports on the software licensing/maintenance and procurement budget,

-->'''k.''' Develops and maintains software licensing and software auditing policies and procedures, and provides consultative and training services to faculty and staff on Software Audit and Software Management policies and procedures,

-->'''l.''' Does long and short range planning related to assuring that TAMUCC remains compliant with the Information Resources Management Act (Texas Government Code, Sec. 2054.124) and Federal Copyright laws,

-->'''m.''' Investigate software under consideration to determine total cost of ownership throughout product lifecycle,

-->'''n.''' Negotiate pricing, terms and conditions of sale, and warranties of software products with key suppliers and vendors including the ability to identify opportunities for volume purchasing to obtain price breaks,

-->'''o.''' Explore opportunities for maximizing or exploiting unused or partially used IT software assets to achieve full efficiency, and

-->'''p.''' Monitor and analyze trends in university spending and inventory control in order to make recommendations for the future, and to identify areas for possible savings and/or software asset optimization.

->'''2.''' Occasional and subordinate duties; the incumbent is required to perform various operational duties such as

-->'''a.''' Plan and prepare technical software and licensing reports, memoranda, and instructional manuals as documentation,

-->'''b.''' Maintain contact with hardware and software vendors,

-->'''c.''' Establish policies and procedures for tracking the sign-in and sign-out of software,

-->'''d.''' Conduct regular evaluation of systems policies and procedures,

-->'''e.''' Serve on committees as appropriate, and

-->'''f.''' Perform other duties as assigned by senior management.


->'''1.''' Education required; a degree from an accredited institution with major course works in Computer Science, Management Information Systems, or a related field, a minimum of two years of relevant experience in computer software analysis and budget/procurement experience in software licensing/maintenance, 2 years direct work experience in a contract management or purchasing and procurement capacity, including all aspects of strategy development and execution. Prefer experience with software management issues, FAMIS Accounting System, TAMU System Accounting/Budget/Purchasing policies and procedures, and certification in software management and/or advanced software management.

->'''2.''' Skills required:

-->'''a.''' Strong familiarity and technical competence with asset management software and/or inventory tracking systems such as Express Metrix, KeyServer, GASP, etc,

-->'''b.''' Strong knowledge of contract regulations and laws,

-->'''c.''' Experience and training with anti-piracy rules and regulations,

-->'''d.''' Excellent contract management skills are essential,

-->'''e.''' Effective bartering and negotiation skills

-->'''f.''' Strong written and oral communication skills,

-->'''g.''' Ability to communicate systems and some legal information both orally and in writing,

-->'''h.''' Ability to effectively communicate technical software licensing/maintenance concepts to Faculty, Staff, and vendors,

-->'''i.''' Strong budgeting, inventory, and cost-management skills,

-->'''j.''' Experience and training with systems development ,

-->'''k.''' Experience with budget management, purchasing procedures, and accounting principles,

-->'''l.''' Demonstrate ability to conduct research and develop solutions,

-->'''m.''' Working knowledge of the current computer systems and applications,

-->'''n.''' Ability to prioritize and execute multiple projects in a high-pressure environment in order to meet deadlines, and

-->'''o.''' Ability to thrive without close supervision and exercise independent judgment and confidentiality in completing tasks.


With additional direction from senior management, the incumbent is responsible for administering the software licensing and software maintenance procurement budget by tracking, analyzing, evaluating, and reporting on the purchases made for software licensing.


The most creative aspects of the job relates to diagnosing, resolving, and managing complicated software licensing issues. General issues to be dealt with are making addendums to licensing agreements and negotiating favorable licensing agreements with vendors in order to meet the software demands of faculty, staff, and administration. Some issues arrive stating higher than usual increases in renewals. Most issues are resolved internally and solutions are ascertained as either the result of the incumbent's experience, consultation with other departmental personnel, or a mix of all. Occasionally, the assistance of the VP for Technology is needed to resolve nonnegotiable situations.


The incumbent has no administrative duties and is governed by all rules, regulations, and laws relating to the operation of a State funded department. Additionally, policies of the university, and Media and Computer Services govern and are enforced by the incumbent.


The incumbent is required to interact with all members of the university community, some TAMUS personnel, and some personnel in state regulatory agencies.

->'''1.''' Within the university daily contact occurs with student, faculty, and staff,

->'''2.''' Outside the university daily contact occurs with a wide variety of non university personnel. Typical daily contacts include a variety of vendors (city, state, outside the state, telephone, etc.), and personnel from other state agencies and schools, and

->'''3.''' Interaction with members in the Department of Information Resources is required on an irregular basis. Additional interaction occurs with TAMUS personnel irregularly as a result of other university involvement with software auditing.