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'''Job Title:''' Systems Programmer II - Systems Administrator

'''Department:''' Network Services

'''Date:''' July 2004

'''Update:''' February 2007


Performs advanced professional and complex technical work supervising the development, implementation, and maintenance of the Microsoft and Novell systems on the Local Area Network (LAN).

'''B. DUTIES:'''

This is a technical position requiring specific knowledge and technical skills in the field of NetWare and Windows Server 2003 operating systems, and Microsoft Exchange Collaboration Suite administration. Additionally, the incumbent provides training for support staff and users of the systems.

->'''1.''' Major Duties: Incumbent is responsible for the installation, testing, maintenance, and enhancement of Novell and Microsoft systems on the main campus domain in compliance with all applicable Information Technology local rules, system policies, state, and federal laws. In the performance of this duty, the incumbent:

-->'''a.''' Install, manage, and maintain Microsoft systems that are a part of the main campus active directory domain,

-->'''b.''' Install, manage, and maintain Novell systems operated by Computer Services Department,

-->'''c.''' Install, manage, and maintain campus e-mail system,

-->'''d.''' Perform Microsoft and Novell system administration tasks to include installation and maintenance of operating system and software, setup and maintenance of user accounts, implementation, and maintenance of a regular backup plan, and other measures to ensure a robust and secure computing environment,

-->'''e.''' Ensure security is maintained on supported systems, report any suspected issues to proper personnel immediately,

-->'''f.''' Make recommendations for improvements and policies that will provide for an optimal computing environment,

-->'''g.''' Work with TAMU-CC support staff to provide support in troubleshooting related problems,

-->'''h.''' Create, manage, and maintain Novell and Microsoft account systems,

-->'''i.''' Manage central backup software, assist other system administrators in backup related functions and troubleshooting,

-->'''j.''' Maintain communication with end-user community, and

-->'''k.''' End user support in regards to supported systems.

->'''2.''' Occasional and subordinate duties: The incumbent is required to perform various operational duties such as:

-->'''a.''' Serve on committees and sub-committees as appointed.

-->'''b.''' Work with other System Administrators to resolve issues relating to communication between systems.


->'''1.''' Education required: a degree in a computer-related field, and
extensive experience with Collaboration suites, and Microsoft products.

->'''2.''' Skills required:

-->'''a.''' System administration experience with Microsoft Sever 2003 in a multi-server environment,

-->'''b.''' System administration experience with Active Directory,

-->'''c.''' System administration experience with email/collaboration,

-->'''d.''' Familiarity with Novell systems,

-->'''e.''' Experience supporting Microsoft Windows,

-->'''f.''' Familiarity with Linux and Apple Mac OS desktop environments,

-->'''g.''' Experience troubleshooting Ethernet networks,

-->'''h.''' Experience installing and configuring Domain Name Service on Windows Server 2003,

-->'''i.''' Familiarity with IIS,

-->'''j.''' Experience with Windows firewalls,

-->'''k.''' Experience installing and configuring computer hardware such as RAID controllers, memory, or hard disk drives,

-->'''l.''' Demonstrate ability to communicate technical information effectively, both orally and in writing,

-->'''m.''' Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with others, and

-->'''n.''' Ability to utilize standard office equipment such as telephones, voice-mail, photocopiers, and fax machines.


The incumbent is responsible for making recommendation for computer hardware and software with regard to the Microsoft and Novell computing environments.


Demonstrate ability to troubleshoot problems in the computing environment utilizing any means available to include tech manuals, internet searches, tech support, and collaboration.


->'''1.''' The incumbent is responsible for the supervision of the Student Account Manager student employee position.

->'''2.''' The incumbent is responsible for the training and guidance of the Network Manager II (Windows support) position.

->'''3.''' The incumbent is responsible for tech-support for staff support personnel across campus.


The incumbent is required to interact with all members of the university community.

->'''1.''' Within the university daily contact with Network Services Manager and other Network Services personnel. Frequent contact with students, faculty, and full time staff.

->'''2.''' Outside the university infrequently as requests for information or advice on Microsoft and Novell when questions arrive.