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'''Job Title:''' Systems Programmer I Windows Support Specialist

'''Department:''' Technology Support Services

'''Date:''' April 2007


To analyze, test, implement, and maintain computer software that includes, Microsoft
Windows-based and MS-DOS applications, including operating systems, utilities, and
other software for faculty and staff of Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi.

'''B. DUTIES:'''

This position requires a broad base of technical skills. Most duties are related to testing,
implementing, and maintaining computer software necessary to support faculty and staff.
The incumbent works under moderate supervision with extensive latitude for the use of
initiative and independent judgment.

->'''1.''' Major Duties: Incumbent is responsible for testing, supporting, and implementing computer software resources for Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. In performance of this duty, the incumbent:

-->'''a.''' Provides consultative technical and training services to administrators, staff, and faculty on system software applications, capabilities, limitations, and techniques,

-->'''b.''' Researches, identifies, tests, evaluates, and recommend state of the art applications software, software operating systems, and computer hardware,

-->'''c.''' Analyzes and diagnoses computer networks, operating systems, and application software problems utilizing hardware and software troubleshooting tools and techniques,

-->'''d.''' Documents repairs and solutions using help desk software,

-->'''e.''' Oversees the operation of several Windows 2003 servers and client server applications,

-->'''f.''' investigates connectivity problems between Windows and other operating systems and network operating systems, and

-->'''g.''' Provide support for PDAs and smartphones accessing OTA email.

->'''2.''' Occasional and subordinate duties: The incumbent is required to perform various operational duties such as:

-->'''a.''' Maintence of electronic hardware,

-->'''b.''' Performs routine virus eradication,

-->'''c.''' Assists users having problems with use of system software,

-->'''d.''' Reviews technical bulletins and determines a course of action based upon available information,

-->'''e.''' Supervises assistant suport staff.

-->'''f.''' Develops and writes easy to follow descriptions of steps taken to implement new software,

-->'''g.''' Assists in planning, designing, and implementing disaster recovery and data security responsibilities and procedures.

-->'''h.''' Consults with vendors to resolve problems beyond the scope of normal support, and

-->'''i.''' Supervises, manages, coordinates, performs, and follows up on routine, advanced, and specialized installations, testing, maintenance, modifications, and troubleshooting on computer operating system programs, software and network-supported software.


->'''1.''' Education required: a degree along with four to six years of related experience in computer systems analysis, computer programming, operating systems or application support will be considered

->'''2.''' Skills required:

-->'''a.''' Knowledge of the principles, practices, procedures, and techniques of supported software applications, operating systems, and equipment,

-->'''b.''' Familiarity with LAN topology, protocols, software, hardware, and terminology, including network security, communications with remote installations, and modem communications,

-->'''c.''' Ability to thrive without close supervision, exercise independent judgment, and confidentiality in completing tasks,

-->'''d.''' Working knowledge of the university's current systems and applications,

-->'''e.''' Ability to interpret technical information relating to computer operations and data processing,

-->'''f.''' Knowledge of PC/Mac computer hardware, peripherals, and operating systems, including Windows, MAC OS, and UNIX,

-->'''g.''' Knowledge of PDA and Smartphone hardware and software, including operating systems, and software applications,

-->'''h.''' Ability to research, analyze, and assimilate new operating techniques, and technologies,

-->'''i.''' Ability to install and configure software on IBM compatible computers,and

-->'''j.''' Skill in navigating World Wide Web browsers and other Internet programs.




The most creative aspects of the job relate to duties such as server management and troubleshooting/testing new hardware and software.

General issues to be dealt with are the basic functions related to assuring quality computer support to meet the demands of faculty, staff, and administration. Most issues are resolved quickly and efficiently. Solutions are ascertained as the result of job experience, consultation with appropriate vendors, or researching the issue.


->'''1.''' The incumbent is supervised by the manager of Technology Support Services. The incumbent is governed by all rules, regulations, and laws relating to the operation of a state funded department. Additionally, policies of the university, and Media and Computer Services govern and are enforced by the incumbent.

->'''2.''' Supervision given others: The incumbent directly supervises student assistants. Supervision given is both direct and advisory.


The incumbent is required to interact with all members of the university community, Texas A&M University System personnel, personnel in State regulatory agencies and members of the local community. Within the university daily contact occurs with students, faculty, and staff.