This page offers information about common tasks in the TAMUCCWiki. Feel free to add questions or more information, or contact for more details.

How do I ...?

  • Edit an existing page

Simply click on the "Edit Page" link that usually appears at the top and/or bottom of each wiki page. You can then edit the text according to the TextFormattingRules.

  • Create a new page

There are several ways to do it. First, you need to know that every wiki page title is a WikiWord -- a sequence of capitalized words without any spaces between them. For example, the title of this page is "TAMUCCWikiFaq". A WikiWord within the text of a page automatically becomes a link to the page with that title. Thus, one way to create a new page is to edit an existing page and add a WikiWord which will then become the link to your new page.

Another way to create a new page is to simply enter the URL of the page you want to create into your browser. For the TAMUCCWiki, the URL must be of the form where Group is a capitalized word indicating the group you want the page to belong to (the group for this page is "Main"), and WikiWord is the title of the page you want to create.

  • Create a new group

A: The software that runs the TAMUCCWiki has the capability of classifying pages into groups of related pages called WikiGroups. WikiWords form links between pages of the same group; to create a link to a wiki page in another group, you use Group.WikiWord or Group/WikiWord to create the link. Individual WikiGroups can also have customized headers and footers; see the WikiGroup page for more details.

Creating a page in another group is the same as creating a new wiki page, just add the title of the new page (GroupName.WikiWord) to an existing page and follow the '?' link that gets created, or else simply enter the URL of the new page you want to create into your browser.

The "home" page within a WikiGroup is usually titled by either the WikiGroup name (if it's a valid WikiWord) or "HomePage".

  • Prevent a WikiWord from being treated as a link to another page
Surround the WikiWord with the escape characters [= and =]. See the TextFormattingRules for more details.
  • Have a page use the official TAMUCC header (the blue wave banner)
Just place the text "[[tamuccpage]]" somewhere in the wiki page. The TAMUCCWiki banner will be replaced with TAMUCC's official wave banner.
  • Suppress the default header at the top of a page
To create a wiki page that doesn't have the default banner at the top, simply include the text "[[noheader]]" somewhere in the content of the page. This will cause the header to be suppressed.
  • Create a default header for all pages within a WikiGroup
You can create a page named GroupHeader within a WikiGroup; the contents of that page will be added at the beginning of all wiki pages within the WikiGroup. Note that you can put "[[noheader]]" in the GroupHeader page to cause the default banner to not be displayed for any page within the WikiGroup. You can also put "[[tamuccpage]]" in the GroupHeader page to cause all of the pages in the WikiGroup to be displayed with the default TAMUCC banner.
  • Password protect a page
To password protect a page, simply add the string "?action=attr" to the end of the URL for that page. You'll be given a form that allows you to change the read, edit, and attribute actions for that page. The read password is required by anyone wanting to view the page; the edit password is required in order to edit the page; the attribute password is required in order to change the page's passwords. To remove password protection from a page, enter "clear" for the password. (See also PmWiki.Passwords.)
  • Password protect an entire group
To password protect an entire group of pages, set passwords for the GroupAttributes page within the group. These passwords will be used for pages that do not have corresponding passwords set. (See also PmWiki.Passwords and PmWiki.WikiGroups.)
  • Create a link from an existing document
  • Create an external link