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Job Title: Telecommunications Director

Department: Telecommunications Services

Date: March 30, 2006

Updated: February 26, 2007


Direct the operations of the Telecommunications Department of Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi in a manner that assures timely and quality telecommunications services to support the academic and administrative departments of the university as well as state, federal, and private tenants on campus.


This is a management position requiring a broad base of management and technical skills. The preponderance of duties are related to planning and organization necessary to assure quality delivery of required services within agreed upon budgets and staff and oversight for departmental compliance with Telecommunication Industry Standards, university and system policies and procedures, state and federal law pertaining to privacy, security of information, and Health and safety Codes pertaining to access to emergency services.

1. Major Duties: is responsible for planning, coordination, and management of, the operations of the Telecommunications Department. Researches, reviews and plans the long-term goals of the university's telecommunications systems including voice and data cabling inside and outside infrastructure, and voice communications systems. Manages the department's budget and projects of various types. Negotiates contracts, researches new technology, and performs other duties as assigned:
a. Does long and short range planning related to assuring that the Telecommunications Department meets and or exceeds requirements dictated by current and future university requirements, law, and administration and can be met in terms of equipment, personnel, funding, supplies, and production,
b. Prepares and makes recommendations to the Assistant Vice President for Technology of an annual budget for supplies, equipment, maintenance, production, personnel, and acquisition of new technology as related to Telecommunications Services,
c. Compiles specifications that meet industry, manufacturer, TAMU System Facility Panning and Construction, and university standards. Ensure that these specifications are adhered to during day-to-day operations and construction projects by university staff and contractors, and
d. Recruits and supervises Telecommunications Department personnel and consults with and receives recommendations from department personnel on actions within the department.
2. Occasional and subordinate duties: The incumbent is required to perform various operational duties such as:
a. Maintenance of PBX and peripheral equipment as backup to Telecommunications Technicians,
b. Communications engineering related to telecommunications infrastructure and voice systems,
c. Consults with university personnel and tenants to explain abilities and recommend telecommunications features,
d. Monitor research and take action on security breaches of the telecommunications systems, and
e. Work with other university departments to ensure that telecommunications is represented in the campus master plan.


1. Education required: high school diploma/GED with additional specialized/technical training or some college coursework in Telecommunications. Prefer Associate's degree in Business Administration.
2. Skills required:
a. Training and experience in fiscal and personnel management including contract writing and evaluation,
b. Technical training and experience in telecommunications voice and data communications systems,
c. Extensive experience in project management,
d. Ability to use telecommunications test equipment, and
e. Working knowledge of Auto CAD


The incumbent is responsible for and has administrative authority for the planning, preparation, implementation, and expending of the Telecommunications, and assigned construction budget including personnel salary and operations budgets.


The most creative aspects of the job relate to the occasional duties such as telecommunications project management and communications infrastructure design to meet expanding academic and research requirements and campus master plan.

The most challenging part of this is keeping up with new technology while staying within the telecommunications auxiliary budget and still meeting the needs and requirements of university students, faculty, and staff.


1. The incumbent has administrative authority over the Telecommunications Services budget and personnel actions. This authority includes the signature of requisitions for business office processing for capital expenditures, operational expenditures, and travel and training expenditures; and, the authority to hire and fire student and State funded employees (in accordance with general university procedures). Generally the Telecommunications Services budget and personnel operations are independent of direct supervision. Formal submission of the budget is to the Assistant Vice President for Technology.
2. Supervision given others: The incumbent directly supervises the Telecommunications Coordinator and Telecommunications Technicians.


The incumbent is required to interact with all members of the university community, TAMUS personnel, and personnel in state regulatory agencies.

1. Within the university daily contact occurs with students, faculty, and staff,
2. Weekly contact occurs with senior administrative personnel, and
3. Outside the university daily contact occurs with a wide variety of non-university personnel. Though not each day for each, typical contacts include a variety of vendors (city, state, outside the state, telephone, etc.), and personnel from other state agencies and schools.