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Job Title: Telecommunications Technician II

Department: Telecommunications Services

Date: March 31, 2006

Update: February 20, 2007


To maintain, install, and monitor the university systems, including Telecommunications, Data Video, Fiber and Copper infrastructures and to ensure that all systems and services are available to the campus community 24x7x365.


Responsible for all aspects of the maintenance, upgrades, installation, software and changes to the PBX, Voice Mail, cabling infrastructure, and associated peripheral devices of the University voice network.

1. Major Duties: Duties include but are not limited to monitoring and maintaining the overall health of all systems. Assigning and monitoring work orders to vendors, assisting, advising and mentoring other technicians, and assisting the Director in design and specifications of projects. Other major duties include;
a. Analyzes system printouts and reports for system operations and overall functions,
b. Installs, maintains and repairs switching equipment, fiber optic and T-1 carrier interface for voice, data and video transmissions,
c. Programs the Meridian Option 81C PBX/Succession 1000/1000M Rls. 3.0 for routing, trunking, and peripheral equipment features,
d. Programs Meridian/Call Pilot Unified Messaging System,
e. Installs, maintains and repairs analog and digital telecommunications equipment, Kentrox CSU/DSU,
f. Engineers, designs and implements projects for voice, video and data communications. Installs, maintains and repairs telecommunications special circuits, IFB, ISDN, T-1, OC1?, OC3?, PRI, BRI,
g. Installs, maintains and repairs E911 Teledent System software and hardware,
h. Coordinates, assigns and supervises work of all telecommunications vendors. Conducts walk throughs with vendors, and
i. To maintain, install, software program and monitor the university telecommunications (Voip) voice over internet protocol network, switches, routers, Voip trunks, Voip phones.
2. Occasional and subordinate duties:
a. Installs cross connects on frames for new installs / removes cross connects from frames for disconnects, multimode / single mode fiber optics, copper,
b. Locates cable faults in the fiber optic and copper networks. Uses test equipment to locate source of trouble, (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) (2273M Cable/Pipe/Fault/Locator) (DSP 4300, CAT5?-6, Fiber Optic tester) (77III Multimeter) (Optical Fusion Spicer),
c. Inventories all Meridian phones, cables, and circuit cards. Orders materials for completion of daily work orders. Receives stocks and inventories all materials. Verifies price quotes from vendors for orders,
d. Installs telecommunications and local area network cables during building renovations,
e. Reads schematics, diagrams to install or repair equipment,
f. Isuues designs and specifications for cable routs of the fiber optic and copper infrastructure,
g. Reviews and evaluates new communications technology for university applications and make recommendations for future growth, and
h. Supports TAMU system on local voice and data networks.


Incumbent must have extensive knowledge and training in all aspects of the telecommunications industry, including voice, video, and data transport, both inside and outside infrastructure, PBX, Voice Mail, and associated industry standards, system rules and policies, local , state, and federal laws.

1. Education required: High school diploma or equivalent GED with extensive specific specialized training in Nortel Succession 1000 installation and maintenance, Nortel Call Pilot installation and maintenance, Nortel IP Trunk installation and maintenance, Nortel IP Line installation and maintenance, Nortel Basic Automated Route Selection, non manufacturer specific fiber optic installation and maintenance, and OSP copper and fiber engineering.
2. Skills required: Incumbent is required to maintain a broad base of technical skills to ensure their ability to complete any and all tasks related to the telecommunications field.
a. Explaining technical material to staff and others, in understanding complex oral instructions and procedures,
b. Preparing reports, letters, and proposals, and establishing rapport with others,
c. Dealing with customers, in installing telephone equipment, in explaining problems about telephone equipment, in helping customers with phone problems,
d. Interpreting customers phone problems, and working as a team member,
e. Understands complex written instructions and procedures, contracts, schematics and flow charts, to prepare reports, letters and proposals regarding telecommunications projects and instructions,
f. Understands written job request for phone installs, work orders, blueprints, schematics, electrical meters, to complete work orders, to describe equipment problems,
g. Advanced analog and digital data communications theory, of personal computers and their usage, of basic local area network theory and principals of different software programs, of CS 1000 Telephony Manager principals,
h. Advanced characteristics for fiber optics; of engineering principals in digital carrier design and implementation; of digital electronic theory; of testing equipment used in all types of telecommunications transmission media, of FCC regulations, of principals in analog to digital conversion,
i. Advanced electrical theory, of telephone color code, of splicing techniques, of computer operation, of local area network theory and terminology, of analog and digital communications theory,
j. Analyzes system printouts and reports for system operations and overall functions. Conducts meetings to make recommendations for changes to system based on these reports,
k. Administers software for Meridian Option 81C PBX/Succession 1000/1000M Rls. 4.0 for routing, trunking, 911 and peripheral equipment features, Meridian/Call Pilot Unified Messaging System. Schedules and coordinates ads, moves and changes within the PBX environment,
l. Interprets schematics, blue print and diagrams to install or repair equipment, and
m. Engineers, designs and spec, cable routs for fiber optic and copper infrastructure. Locates cable faults in the fiber optic and copper networks. Uses test equipment to locate source of trouble, (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) (2273M Cable/Pipe/Fault/Locator) (DSP 4300, CAT5?-6, Fiber Optic tester) (77III Multimeter) (Optical Fusion Spicer) (T-Berd 224).


Incumbent has no direct fiscal responsibility but is required to evaluate systems and make recommendations to the Director.


The most creative aspects of the job relate to the occasional duties such as telecommunications project management and communications infrastructure design to meet expanding academic and research requirements and campus master plan.


The incumbent has no direct supervision of university employees but must supervise contract vendors and advise and mentor others on the technical aspects on the department.


The incumbent is required to interact with all members of the university community, Texas A&M University System personnel, and personnel in state regulatory agencies.

1. Within the university daily contact occurs with students, faculty, staff, and vendors.
2. Weekly contact occurs with senior administrative personnel.
3. Outside the university daily contact occurs with a wide variety of non university personnel. Though not each day for each, typical contacts include a variety of vendors (city, state, outside the state, telephone, etc.), personnel from other state agencies and schools.