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Job Title: Video Producer

Department: Media and Computer Services

Date: May 2005

Update: Feb 2007


Provides advanced technical support for studio and location video production and postproduction. The emphasis is on the creative operation of cameras, digital editing, and lighting equipment to create sophisticated video programs containing a variety of special audio/video effects and techniques. A high level of creative and aesthetic judgment is required.


Performs technical duties to insure availability and functioning of video recording equipment, television, audiovisual, and related equipment for use in a multimedia facility. Works under moderate supervision with extensive latitude for the use of initiative and independent judgment.

1. Major duties: Work involves recommending for procurement, modifying, installing, testing, maintaining, operating, and instructing in the use of electronic media resources and audio/video equipment., and
a. Operates nonlinear digital editing systems to create sophisticated visual effects for videotape programs,
b. Maintains current software and installs software upgrades and modifications for digital editing systems,
c. Sets up cameras and records basic location and studio scenes,
d. Provides consultative, technical, and training services to students, faculty, and staff on techniques, materials, equipment, and facilities,
e. Schedules, provides advance planning, setup and coordination of personnel, systems, equipment and materials for faculty, and for department projects,
f. Operates and maintains campus-wide closed circuit television system, and
g. Orders, maintains, and operates satellite-receiving equipment and rebroadcasts signals over closed-circuit television system.
2. Occasional and subordinate duties: The incumbent is required to perform various operational duties such as:
a. Monitors, updates and maintains the supply, operation, and maintenance on all electronics, audio, and video equipment and related materials,
b. Duplicates, and maintains audio and videotapes,
c. Researches and recommends equipment and accessories for the video production unit,
d. Trains and schedules student workers, and
e. Performs related duties as required.


1. Education required: requires an Associateís degree or two years of college study in television production with four years of experience in video production, editing and lighting or graduation from a video technical college plus four years experience in video production. Additionally, a Bachelorís degree preferred from an accredited institution in radio, television, and film, communications, or related field plus two years experience in video production. Also requires intermediate knowledge of PC or Mac computers.
2. Skills required:
a. Knowledge of the principles, practices, procedures and techniques of electronics, of electronics equipment, of operating video and audio machines, of industrial multimedia processes, of television studio procedures and of computer operating systems and equipment,
b. Ability to thrive without close supervision and exercise independent judgment and confidentiality in completing tasks,
c. Ability to interpret instrument and meter readings, wiring diagrams, schematic drawings, and other related materials,
d. Knowledge of audio, video, and electronics maintenance and repair principles, techniques, equipment, tools, and software,
e. Ability to plan and coordinate work assignments,
f. Ability to train staff in operating techniques, manipulations, and problem resolution strategies,
g. Knowledge of PC/Mac computer hardware, peripherals, and operating systems, including Windows, and MAC OS, and
h. Ability to research, analyze, and assimilate new operating techniques and technologies.




The most resourceful duties are setting up and operating equipment such as cameras, lights, recorders and microphones to record and edit productions using computer assisted and other special effect audiovisual equipment.

General duties are ability to lift and move with or without assistance, video, and audio equipment weighing up to 50 pounds. Ability to discern colors accurately and the pitch, tone and volume of sound. Must have well-developed motor skill for camera operation.


The incumbent directly supervises one student worker.


The incumbent is required to interact daily with the campus community, which includes faculty, staff, and students. Occasional contact outside the university includes vendors, factory representatives, and off-campus organizations.