This letter is to introduce myself, to help students understand my philosophy as a First Year Seminar Instructor for the College of Science and Engineering, and to explain why I care about their success!

I am a Corpus Christi native and three time Islander Alumnus. I graduated from TAMUCC with a Bachelor of Science in biology, Master of Science in biology, and a Doctorate in educational leadership, specializing in science education. During my undergraduate degree I attended TAMU main campus for 2 years, then UTSA for 2 years, and I took summer classes at Del Mar College. I amassed over 187 hours while “finding myself” during my undergraduate degree before finally coming to TAMUCC and calling it home.

As a first year student at TAMU, I was confronted with the shocking realization that I had never been challenged in high school, and had very little in the way of study skills. I came to this realization while crying on the phone to my Mom and Dad and trying to explain why I failed two of my first exams, one with a grade of 15 and the other with a grade of 5! Of course, there were no first-year learning community programs in those days and it was up to me to figure out how to study and succeed on my own. After much trial and error, I did.

Since then, I have worked for the university on 5 separate occasions. I worked in biological research, the local petrochemical industry, and as a collection manager at the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History. While working on my master's degree, I realized my true desire is to help others achieve in science.

As a first generation college student I have probably made all the mistakes and achieved many of the successes that a first year student is likely to experience. As a product of the local educational system, a life-long citizen of Corpus Christi, and TAMU-CC alumnus, it is my great pleasure and moral obligation to assist first year students in finding their path to success- hopefully a lot quicker than I did!

First-year students are the foundation of the university and the future leaders and policy makers of our world. Only through their success will our university, city, and region grow and prosper. First-year students are vitally important to our society and should be treated with respect and courtesy.

My philosophy of teaching can be summed up in one word- professionalism. In a world of environmental uncertainty and increasing technological complexity young scientists are the key to the world’s future. As such, I strive to treat university students as professionals and I expect mature professional behavior from them in return. I ask my students to conduct themselves as if they are already working in their chosen profession be it a doctor, professor, research scientist or whatever. It is my sincere hope that every student at TAMU-CC gains the cognitive and emotional tool kit needed to contribute something extraordinary to our ever changing world.

Have a productive and prosperous semester!
Go Islanders!


Dr. McNamara