What I Expect From You...

Come to class with assignments and readings completed and with a positive attitude that is ready to learn and participate. I have out time and care into each lesson plan. Respect that time and effort and do not turn this into a dragging yourself to class just for the credit.

Always try your best with every writing and discussion. Each of us will learn something new this semester, so remain positive and open-minded about what new concepts and strategies you will learn in 1302. Never give up before you have even tried something that is out of your comfort zone.

Respect your peers in discussion, group work, and peer review. Each of us have different ideas and values, and more than once you will not agree with what someone has to say. Remember that in this classroom we keep an open mind at all times and respect our peers by thinking before saying something that we do not agree with and respecting the thoughts and writings of others.

Always ask questions and visit me during my office hours. I am teaching this class for all of you in the hopes that you will learn something and transfer this knowledge to your future writings. So please never hesitate in letting me know when you are struggling or have a question. My email box is waiting for your questions.

Participate in the discussions and class activities. Please put the phone away if you know it will be a distraction. The computers are a part of this class so I will not tell you to stay off of them, but I do not appreciate when you are looking at your screen when you shouldnít be. Believe me, it is obvious. And in the end it affects your participation in the class and your understanding of the material.

What You Should Expect From MeÖ

Continually make clear the purpose of 1302 by demonstrating the learning goals and main purpose through assignments, instructions, and discussion time. There will be no busy work in this class, and with each assignment and discussion I will make it clear to you how everything assists in improving and deepening your knowledge of writing.

I will recognize the time you put into learning and your English classes in high school, and will use that knowledge to build upon in our curriculum for this semester. What you learn this semester will give you the opportunity to recognize new strategies and build a stronger vocabulary to use in the future, thus I will use your prior knowledge in assisting you to reach a higher level in your writing.

Help strengthen your skills and knowledge of edits, rewrites, peer review, and reflection. You have heard at least one professor tell you that writing is about more than just that one draft that you write the night before itís due. In this class I will prove to you why process is beneficial in strengthening your writing, and your knowledge of the key concepts. Thus resulting in the ability to reflect on your progress as a writer and use the necessary tools to recognize your own growth.

Assist you in gaining a better understanding of the threshold concepts, key concepts, and your personal writing theory. I can tell you what to do and what I expect out of you this semester, but you will not learn anything unless you recognize the purpose and apply it to your own future career. Thus in this class I will help you create your own learning goals and writing theory.

Always answer questions, to the best of my ability. Iím not going to know everything, thatís the beauty of learning is that we all always have something new to learn! However, I will try my best to always communicate assignments clearly, and answer you in class, at office hours, or through email whenever you need help.