Peer Response Day 8!

Before you get into the work flow for the day -- it's time for group updates!!

  • Select someone new from your group who will speak to the class this week.
  • Spend a few minutes discussing and making sure your group is on the same page when it comes to how you have progressed this week.
  • Answer the following questions, which you will then share with the class:
    • How are you progressing as a group?
    • Have you overcome your struggle from last week?
    • Did Chem Test 3 impact your work as a team, and your individual work this week? How did you overcome this challenge?
    • Where do you plan on going into this next week with your revisions and in-class time?

After Group Updates are done -- continue working on your drafts and peer responses. Keep in mind the timeline and considering which phase you are on in the process of the timeline:

  • early drafts: For the first or first few versions of an assignment, you attend to the ways your draft is considering all parts of the "rhetorical situation" as effectively and consistently as possible.
  • middle drafts: When you are relatively sure you have all the parts of your piece on the page and in an arrangement that seems effective, you focus on the various "parts" of the piece of writing.
  • final drafts: In your later versions and your last version, you "edit" and "proofread," focusing on sentence- and word-level concerns, and confirming that your published version represents the "care" and effort you invested in the process.


  • Continue revising, responding, and staying on-track with your timeline. Don't forget to keep track of your work and not lose your previous drafts!
  • Get ready for Compinar Monday and Wednesday!! Don't forget that the room has been moved to Lonestar 142B!
  • Today is the LAST DAY to drop a class without it affecting your GPA! Don't want you to drop -- but if you're thinking about it, you need to be talking to financial aid and/or your advisor.