Peer Response Day 5!

Remember that I am out of town -- so for today's class you're completing the peer response process ONLINE. Follow the steps below this weekend -- remember that if you do not complete the work you will not receive credit for class that day. This WILL affect your participation grade. If you have any questions EMAIL ME! If you need more time than what I have given MUST email me and request an extension.

Group Peer Response

  • Schedule time to meet with those in your group. Discuss and answer the following questions. After you answer the questions, you need to submit them to the Blackboard Discussion Forum titled "November 4th Group Check-In". This part is DUE AT THE END OF FRIDAY.
    • How are you progressing as a group?
    • Were you able to overcome the struggle your group faced last week? Explain how you overcame the struggle.
    • Did you face any new struggles this week? How do you plan on overcoming this new, or old, struggle this next week?
    • Where do you plan on going into this next week with your revisions and in-class time?

Being a Reader and Writer

  • For the rest of the weekend you will be a Reader and a Writer, and let me know how you achieved both this weekend.


  • You need to read AT LEAST two drafts FRIDAY and respond to the drafts, following the prompts of "early" "middle" and "late" drafts, depending upon where the draft is in the stages.
  • You will then give me a summary of what you did. In this summary provide me with the following:
    • Whose drafts you read
    • Which prompt questions you answered and followed (early, middle, or final)
    • Where you left the comments -- OneDrive versus Blackboard
  • This part is DUE BY THE END OF FRIDAY.


  • Once others in the group have read your draft, look at the comments that were left for you and plan where you will go in the revision stage. Answer the following question:
    • What are your revision plans, based upon the responses you received from others?
  • Both the Reader and Writer reflections must be submitted to the Blackboard Discussion Forum titled "November 4th Peer Response".
  • The Reader section is due at the end of Friday and the Writer section is due at the end of Sunday.

Remember the prompts...

  • early drafts: For the first or first few versions of an assignment, you attend to the ways your draft is considering all parts of the "rhetorical situation" as effectively and consistently as possible.
  • middle drafts: When you are relatively sure you have all the parts of your piece on the page and in an arrangement that seems effective, you focus on the various "parts" of the piece of writing.
  • final drafts: In your later versions and your last version, you "edit" and "proofread," focusing on sentence- and word-level concerns, and confirming that your published version represents the "care" and effort you invested in the process.