Topic Presentation Wrap-Up

  • Two minute presentations
    • What are you working on in your project?
  • Discussion and feedback from peers
  • Reflection
    • Did you find sharing your topic with the class, and getting to listen to your peers' topics beneficial? What was something new you learned about your topic, yourself, your peers, or research through these presentations?

Chem Test 2 Reflection

  • Open up a document and complete the following reflection.
  • Let's compare how test 1 went compared to test 2.
    • Where did you struggle between the two? Was test one or test two more difficult?
    • What did you learn from your study habits between the two tests?
    • Did you struggle this time around? What is something new you have learned about yourself? This can pertain to your study habits, your test taking skills, your stress skills, your ability or inability as a procrastinator, etc.


  • Complete Chem Test 2 Reflection if not completed in class.
  • Finish your Midterm Portfolio if you asked for more time.
  • Continue working on your Research Log for this class.