Actually...YOU DO!!

Discovery Research Log Day

  • Today we're going to spend the day working on our research logs
  • You can't start the writing process if you don't have any evidence to help word your argument and back-up your claims. Entering into a topic successfully requires knowledge of the topic.
  • So let's get to work! Today use your time wisely and successfully by researching your topic, looking into the problem you are answering, and learning as much as you can about the conversation you are entering.
  • Also take this time TO ASK ME QUESTIONS if you're still confused about anything!!

Don't Forget Your Group Timeline!

  • If you didn't get to finish your timeline/calendar for the rest of the semester -- you need to get that done today!
  • Remember that the timelines will be submitted in your OneDrive? folder, as well as under your group's folder in the Blackboard Discussion Board.


  • Unless your group has decided to make Monday a research day, you need to have first drafts of whatever you're bringing to the group on Monday. Remember that "first drafts" does NOT mean a full paper -- it could even be an outline or half of the paper. That is up to you. Remember don't try to overachieve with your plans. Be realistic about what you are able to do and achieve each week.
  • Research Research Research!!