Peer Revision Day 2!

Before you get into the work flow for the day -- we are going to spend a few minutes sharing and discussing with the class how you have progressed as a group.

  • Select someone from your group who will speak to the class for the group.
  • Spend a few minutes discussing and making sure your group is on the same page when it comes to how you have progressed this week.
  • Answer the following questions, which you will then share with the class:
    • How are you progressing as a group?
    • What is one thing you guys have struggled with this week?
    • How do you plan on overcoming this struggle?
    • What is something that you see as a strength in your group?
    • Where do you plan on going into this next week with your revisions and in-class time?

Spend the rest of class time working in your groups on whatever you had planned for today. Remember that the responses progress like a timeline, from early drafts -- to middle drafts -- and finally final drafts. Personally, I believe you should still be in the progress of first drafts. But in case you're thinking that you're ready to start the middle draft process, consider the differences:

  • Early Drafts: For the first or first few versions of an assignment, you attend to the ways your draft is considering all parts of the "rhetorical situation" as effectively and consistently as possible.
  • Middle Drafts: When you are relatively sure you have all the parts of your piece on the page and in an arrangement that seems effective, you focus on the various "parts" of the piece of writing.

I would recommend considering if your peers have said that you meet all of the requirements of the first draft peer response. If you have, than consider moving on. But if you didn't fully achieve each of the questions, then you need to successfully achieve those before you can move on.


  • Don't burn yourself out this weekend -- but also don't let your Halloween Plans cause you to fall behind.
  • Continue revising and responding and staying on-track with your group timelines.