Happy Friday! You've Survived Another Week!!

Reflection: Looking at your progress when it comes to preparing for a test...

  • Pull up your original reflection that you completed BEFORE the first Chem test. Read over what your said then, and then think about the results of your actions. How well did you do on the test? Were you prepared and ready, and did you leave the test fully confident in what you had achieved?
  • Consider the following -- "here is where I got, and here is where I need to go"
  • Now reflect. Discuss how you stumbled last time with your studying and preparation and what you are going to change this time around.
  • If you feel that you did everything perfectly, still explain the process and why you think there is NOTHING differently that you could do this time around. Do not give me the basic and expected "I did everything right and there's nothing I need to change".

Considering the Rhetorical Situation in Research

  • Today you will start looking more in depth at other places where we can see the rhetorical situation being used.
    • In other words, what you will be doing today is beginning the research process of your topic. As you find journal articles, magazine articles, etc. while researching, begin applying the rhetorical situation to each. Consider what types of rhetorical situation you might find while researching, and what part rhetoric plays in each piece.
  • This will help you begin the process of creating your Research Log for this class.
  • Monday and Wednesday of next week will be spent sharing your topic with the class. So some things to consider when you present:
    • What is your topic?
    • What conversation are you entering? What "so what?" question are you answering?
    • What part does the rhetorical situation play in your topic?
    • What research have you found so far?
  • Don't overthink this presentation. It's supposed to be quick and easy, really only a few minutes.


  • Finish your Midterm Portfolio. I will be grading these this weekend -- if I DO NOT get an email from you by the end of today letting me know that you're not done, I will grade whatever you have.
  • Answer the anonymous survey on SurveyMonkey?. I will email you the link later today.
  • Continue working on your Research Log for this class -- I know you have one due next week for your other class so leave this on the back burner. Only work on it if you have the time to do so.