Complete the following reflection in a Word Document that you will save in your OneDrive? folder. Title the reflection "Library Visit Reflection".

Our goal with this library visit is to break our expectations of what research consists of. Remember from our discussion Wednesday we said that as researchers we want to complete "divergent" rather than "convergent" research. So how did we achieve this with the introduction into the Discovery Log?

Let's pretend for a second...

My supervisor Glen Blalock is questioning my abilities as an English 1302 teacher. He wants YOUR opinion on how I am doing and what you are learning. Complete a letter addressed to Dr. Blalock explaining what you have learned today during the Library session. There are three things that you must include in the letter:

  • Explain what you learned today from the librarian about research and the discovery log
  • Answer the question: how many types of research did you find? Do not just tell my supervisor the number, but also provide some examples showing that you found a variety of information
  • Explain to Dr. Blalock how the Discovery Log compares to using the search engine Google

Besides these three things you are free to add what you believe is benificial. Remember that this is addressed to my supervisor, so consider audience and genre. Also keep in mind purpose, wghich we discussed with Thrweshold Concept 1. You are helping prove that I am a good teacher, but remember that there's always more to the purpose. The narrower goal in this letter is that you are proving how this class is beneficial to your learning and understanding of rhetoric and composition.