Last Day of Class!!

So many things coming to an end...

  • ENGL 1302...
  • My time as your teacher...
  • Your first semester of college...

I'm going to miss you guys!!! But before I get all emotional -- Final Portfolios are next week!! So let's get to work!

Final Portfolio Template

Final Portfolio Criteria

What other work have you done in this class? Where could you work it into your portfolio?

What about your other classes, such as Chem, Engineering, and Seminar? Where could you work assignments from those classes into these five sections?

Final Reflection

List three things that you had to overcome this semester. Were you successful in overcoming these struggles, or are they still a work in progress? If there are any that are still a work in progress, how do you plan on overcoming those struggles next semester?

What was your favorite part about this class? This can be anything -- but I want SPECIFICS. Not just "the teacher" or "my fellow peers" or "when we got out early".

What is one thing that you struggled with or disliked about this class.

Any suggestions for me as an educator in my future ENGL 1302 courses?

What did you learn in my class, and what do you wish you had been given more time to learn?